FW de Klerk removed the last apartheid laws in South Africa and negotiated the “New South Africa” with the Black Nationalist ANC. In 1993 he and Mandela jointly received the Nobel Peace Prize. The wording of that award read:…for laying the foundations for a new democratic South Africa.”

De Klerk is warning the world that South Africa’s much vaunted  “Democracy is in serious danger. He is 100% right. The only confusing part of his warning, is that all of this was known in 1990-1994 when he undertook the negotiations. This is why he has little if any credibility left with ordinary White South Africans and Blacks ignore him.

De Klerk’s press release is in response to President Jacob Zuma’s statement to Parliament on 20 February 2014,After the election, we shall enter into a new radical phase…

De Klerk points out that the ANC has been following a two phase plan ever since 1994. As party, it has repeatedly threatened its “Second Phase. The ANC is an organization that plays specifically to Black racists by promising to harm Whites. It has worked for them for twenty years. Why should should they not try it again? That is also why they have kept Robert Mugabe in power in Zimbabwe against the will of the entire planet. Mugabe is the “bogeyman with which to scare Whites, and is therefore useful to the ANC.

As De Klerk explains the First Phase,
—“The ANC’s first priority after the 1994 transition was to shift the balance of forces in its favor by seizing control of the levers of state power. Its targets, in its own words, were ‘the legislatures, the executives, the public service, the security forces, the judiciary, parastatals, the public broadcaster, and so on’. It planned to gain control of these institutions by deploying ANC cadres to leading positions.

Readers here may vicariously live the reality of the cadre-takeover process for themselves in chapters 26 and 28 of AmaBhulu where several examples the author himself witnessed and experienced are presented. De Klerk is 100% correct on this point. The Soviet term “cadre should already identify for the reader the mindset of these operatives. In the book the term “Political Officer is quite correctly employed. In his seminal work, Europe – a History, Norman Davies explains clearly how this process works and fools Western reporters.

De Klerk goes on to explain regarding “Phase 2,

—“The ANC sees itself, not as an ordinary political party, but as a national liberation movement with an uncompleted revolutionary mandate. He then proceeds to suggest “we need to talk to government.

History records that it was De Klerk himself who talked to the ANC, and now we see the consequences. Everyone is losing; Black, White, Coloured, and Indian. Only the ANC sycophants are winning; and they are staggeringly rich, because they are stealing the country blind via BEE and preferential government tenders. And that is only when the state coffers are not directly siphoned.

So, here is the AmaBhulu recommendation to Mr De Klerk:
— Sir, please dust off your Nobel Peace Prize medal. Phone the media, and invite them to Oslo City Hall on 10 December of this year. Respectfully hand your medal back to the King of Norway in front of the media. Then hold a press conference and tell them exactly what is happening in South Africa and how the entire promise of Mandela has turned into a vicious and deadly farce. Short of that, no one is going to listen to you.

Mr. De Klerk’s complete press release may be seen on his Foundation Website.