When I started writing the text of AmaBhulu in 2007, I was approached by concerned South Africans to construct a strategic planning map on which to plot the future of the country. The time has come to present that map to a broader audience as a simple graphic tool with which to track the country. It may serve as a map on which South Africans may plot the consequences of their votes in the 2014 General Election.

The vertical axis represents the International Condition, which is largely beyond the control of any South African. The horizontal axis represents the Leadership of the country, which IS under the control of the voters, always assuming they think about their actions. Sadly, democracy in the 21st century has not provided much evidence that they generally do. South Africa is not alone in this.

The two axes produce for us a 2×2 “scattergram” map on which to plot the condition of the country. It creates four broad National Strategic Scenarios, which I name:

The Rainbow Nation (The Mandela Dream as sold to a gullible world in 1994);
Rich Man, Poor Man (A severe but colour-blind split between rich and poor);
Black is Beautiful; White is Blight (An anti-White Kleptocracy); and
Heart of Darkness (A Congo/Zimbabwe-like African Horror scenario)

Strategic Scenario Map for South Africa

Strategic Scenario Map for South Africa

The orange arrow shows the effect of Thabo Mbeki effectively taking over from  Mandela as president of the country in 1997. This was formalized two years later in a general election. The immediate consequence was an ANC government War on Whites. The details of this may be see in Chapters 27-30 of AmaBhulu. This shift was directly to the left on the map, as the world economic picture was positive at the time. Amazingly, the Western World absolutely refused to see what was happening.  As result, more then 10% of White South Africans now live below the breadline and more than 3,000 farmers have been murdered since 1994, often tortured to death.

The Great Recession of September 2008, brought on by out-of-control Wall Street greed, has moved the world picture downward on this map, pushing South Africa in the direction of Heart of Darkness. With it came the election of the raw Africanist Jacob Zuma. Already we have seen the 2012 Marikana Mining Massacre, massive fraud, laws restricting freedom of the press, the shutting down of the South African FBI, and violence—reputedly ANC sponsored—to make the West Cape ungovernable. That same government is now threatening “Phase Two” of its “Revolution” and “Land Expropriation” after the 2014 election. 

There is hope for South Africa, and the Rainbow Nation scenario may indeed one day be achieved, but the present ANC government will have to have been as completely destroyed and discredited politically as its predecessor, the National Party, who gave us Apartheid. The Rainbow Nation is not achievable by either of the two main antagonists to the so-called “Struggle”. As long as the ANC views itself some sort of “victor”, this beautiful country and its people will suffer.

South Africa did away with the National Party. It needs to do away with the ANC, because a leopard cannot change its spots. The tool for that is called “an election”.