F.W. de Klerk, who received his Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the New South Africa is in the midst of a war of words with the governing ANC Kleptocracy. The interesting aspect here, is that FW is debating Cyril Ramaphosa in the media about the ANC’s threat to implement “radical” social changes via its so-called “National Democratic Revolution.” Most of this ANC plan is directly and brazenly aimed at further harming specifically White people in various ways; mostly via dispossession and economic diminishment by the state.

Ramaphosa, now Deputy President of the ANC, is the man who negotiated FW’s hapless team out of power in 1993. Ramaphosa has become the poster-boy of the rapacious Black Economic Empowerment legislation. That particular legislation is at this time the most brazen program of state imposed race-based dispossession in operation on the planet Earth today. Now the ANC wants to ratchet up the pressure on Whites yet further. The ANC clearly believes it can get away with this while the world looks away and the US wallows half-blind in its self-induced economic misery.

This brings us to some of the points made by De Klerk:

1. De Klerk points out that the ANC gives 30% of its parliamentary seats to its Communist Party “ally. In South Africa, the Communist Party does not contest elections—it just insinuates itself in the woodwork of the country. It is one of the oldest Communist parties on Earth, founded 1921. It never received the 1989 e-mail from Moscow that Communism had failed. At its very heart is a hard-line Baltic Communist influence that has controlled its thought process since its inception. Its early days are presented in Chapter 19 of AmaBhulu.

2. De Klerk further states that the  National Development Revolution is a comprehensive state campaign to harm the legitimate interests of citizens on the basis of their race. He is dead right on that score, but is he seriously telling the world he did not see this coming in 1993 when he negotiated with Ramaphosa? That process is described in Chapter 26 of AmaBhulu. It is pretty obvious to all that the ANC will not cease tormenting Whites until they are either all dead or cleaning the toilets of ANC leaders, preferably in reverse order.

3. He observes:
Should privileged blacks enjoy automatic preference over less privileged whites when it comes to affirmative action?
He states this against a background in which:
a) more than nine million black South Africans have higher educational qualifications than 30% of whites; and
b) two million blacks earn more than 1.5 million whites.
c) the spread of wealth among white South Africans is similar to that of South American countries. That is, most are of very modest means.

Apparently the ANC believes Black South Africans are pathetically incompetent, because it is suggesting that 40 million Black people, many of whom are now far richer than any White South African ever dreamed of being, need economic protection from those Whites via the destruction of the livelihoods of 1.2 Million White people who are more poorly educated than 9 million of their Black co-citizens. This is assuredly the most bare-faced racism on the face of the Earth in 2014.

The questions is, what is de Klerk going to do? Talking to the ANC has never helped. We know that now. He did that in 1993. They just used Mandela as a front to fool a gullible West, and the whole world fell for the ruse.

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