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In a recent Press Release, F.W. de Klerk, Nobel Prize partner of Nelson Mandela, again laments the destruction of the promises of the “New South Africa” ushered in by Nelson Mandela. By now, all informed people know that the “New South Africa” has become a complete racist farce and only those whose current race-based privilege in South Africa cannot survive the truth still dare defend this expired ideal. We will therefore not dwell on the numerous points raised by De Klerk in line with what is described in AmaBhulu.

De Klerk does raise some interesting points in his Press Release. One of those is his description of the statements of a Central Committee member of the South African Communist Party. That member also just so happens to be a cabinet minister, and is now demanding that the private sector in South Africa should follow the ANC Government in forcing racial demographic-based employment principles in the private sector. Americans will recognize some of this Communist rhetoric in their own present political arena.

Without contesting a single constituency in a single election–without winning a single vote in its own name–the South African Communist Party has taken control of 40% of the South African Cabinet and holds sway over those ministries addressing economic policy and property rights. Then again, we now know Nelson Mandela was a central member of the South African Communist Party, and that party loves to crow about it.

Perhaps we should have seen all this coming, but the Western Media was so busy congratulating itself about toppling apartheid, and trying so hard to ingratiate themselves with these ANC characters, that they lost all sense of balance. Should they come clean and confess they had it wrong for 50 years, or should they continue the charade? For now, it seems, the media charade is to continue as South Africa slides into the abyss. It has apparently been deemed expendable.