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In preparing AmaBhulu for publication, I had no choice but to cut certain sections from the text in order to keep the sheer size in check. In the event, I fitted the work into the allowed 630 pages with just one inch to spare.

One section that really broke my heart to leave out was the intriguing story of the Cape, the Rabbit, and the Man from Java who tried to help. It is a fantastic piece of history that no one ever hears about. It would make a superb movie, what with discontented frontiersman, native armies created by imperial Englishmen, Napoleon supporters, men sailing to the Far East for help, secret weapons shipments, false flag operations, and desperate efforts to undertake insane journeys. And, through it all weaves an intriguing man, tracked by British spies in Napoleon’s time along with a strange but dedicated man from Java who tried to help the Afrikaners at Graaff-Reinet. One just cannot make up this stuff. It proves that reality is often more impossible, than fiction. This is why I love history…. but read on HERE.