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RousseauMany white people from South Africa can testify to being forced in the workplace to sit through presentations in which the concepts of Ubuntu were impressed upon them. These sessions pretty quickly diminished to explanations about how Black people are inherently respectful towards the needs of others; how they feel they are part of a whole greater than themselves and so on and so forth. For the author it seemed odd that people who were ready to burn to death in gasoline soaked tyres those who dared to disagree with them, would be so deluded about themselves. However, that did not break the stride of Ubuntu presenters who would explain that they saw “White Culture” as inherently self-centered and focused on personal gain. By this reasoning then, being white was inherently evil, and being black was supposedly inherently good. Liberal Whites agree.

Those who have read the book AmaBhulu may remember the Frenchman La Vaillant, who travelled the Cape in the early 1790s and suggested that,

In every part , where the natives live entirely unconnected with the whites, their manners are mild and amiable; on the contrary, an acquaintance with Europeans alters and corrupts their natural character, which amazingly degenerates; and this remark. which is a melancholy truth, seldom admits of an exception.

It is striking that this representative of Jean Jaques Rousseau’s “Noble Savage” school of thought would write this drivel even as the amaXhosa were killing one another in droves a few miles away. The present half-blind psychotic guilt-based behaviour on the part of Western Man therefore comes a long way and appears to have been born in the minds of the 18th Century French Philosophers. It remains intriguing how much the 18th century philosophers could expound on the nobility of the savage without ever meeting one. To Rousseau’s credit, he never actually used the term “Noble Savage” himself.

But, it was across the English Channel that the real storm was brewing. Given that they had championed the cause of African slavery, the British now convinced themselves that Africa was where they had to go to atone and be absolved. Even their Prime Minister, William Pitt, joined in the national sack-and-ash lament on 2 April 1792:

How shall we hope to obtain, if it be possible, forgiveness from Heaven for the enormous evils we have committed, if we refuse to make use of those means which the mercy of Providence has still reserved for us for wiping away the shame and guilt with which we are now covered?

The cynical might suggest that they could have made reparations to the people of West Africa where they had obtained their slaves to start with. Alternatively, they could have used their money from the slave trade to buy back slaves from the Americas to free. In fact, there was an extensive list of things they might have done to make good for the earlier inhumanity. Instead, the lamentable London Missionary Society was created.

This crusading “moral army” was filled with people from the lower rungs of society, consumed with religious zeal, but having little if any formal religious background and often no education. They were hell bent on assuaging their own national guilt, which they immediately extrapolated to all white men. Other people of their own race, caught in the middle of a fight for survival against “noble savages” became an easy emotional target for their guilt-ridden obsession. These men did not comprehend that the author’s ancestral brother, Johannes Grobler was being tortured to death by “noble savages”  in the Eastern Cape even as they were lamenting their own guilt. Notably, the amaXhosa of the Eastern Cape never suffered slavery; they practised it! Just ask the nearest Fingo.

The London Missionary Society would eventually become the source of much of the misery that has haunted South Africa. David Livingstone would one day be a member of the organization. What is less well known, is that he only ever made one convert, that he kept company with slavers, and was present at a massacre of a village.

This brings us to the point of this post. A good friend in the United States made me aware of a current effort in the state of Oregon to yet again impose psychologically on decent people with the “desperate misfortune of having white skin color.” Clearly, the United States is hell-bent on turning itself into South Africa.

Rather than provide an excerpt here of the effort in Oregon, I provide a link, so that the interested may marvel at the psychotic idiocy of Western Man when he truly sets his mind to it:

Portland Community to devote an entire month to “Whiteness-shaming”