On 9 Jun 2002, this author was host to an Israeli high technology representative on a visit to Vancouver in Canada. While staring out over the beautiful Burrard Sound, I predicted for the visitor that the next Democratic Administration in the United States would “sell out Israel”. The warning was politely laughed off and I was told it would never ever happen. A decade later, the bulk of Israel’s Jewish population has come to share the view of the present author.

Against this personal background, the summary of the book AmaBhulu states, with reference to South Africa:

There is something inherently obscene about the West commending the destruction of its own first outer wall, even as it is preparing to sell out Israel, the guardian on its second outer wall. That country will soon be treated the same way the West treated “the Second America,” and it will be morally assailed by the media.

These words by the present author were written well before President Barack Obama demonstrated vivdly to all with intelligence that he considered Israel a greater burden on his presidency than Iran, as proven by the infamous “Iran Nuclear Deal” and his damaging negative campaign against Israel from the very day he assumed office.

Benjamin_Netanyahu_2012On 5 January 2016, the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) in the United States ran a program titled “Netanyahu at War”. This author believes that every American, every Israeli, and every South African should view this programme to see what the Obama Administration has been doing to the most loyal Middle East ally of the United States. There is also a very good reason why the author was able to predict with such accuracy the future for Israel. It is simple. As a born South African, I have lived this before at the hand of the USA under liberal hegemony, which is the basis of the excerpt above from AmaBhulu.

I see the PBS program as compulsory study for all who care about the future of the West. Take particular note of the role of Ben Rhodes (remember, the New York Times is a liberal newspaper). Much of what has gone wrong in North Africa and the Middle East may with great justification be laid at his door. Obama, Rhodes and Valerie Jarrett form the basic Troika running the United States, Jarret’s focus being inside the USA.