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On the page of this Blogsite devoted to the book AmaBhulu, the following words are stated about South Africa from a piece written by this author in 2013,

A nightmare is rapidly unfolding in that country and the United States will inevitably be drawn into it.

In the past 24 hours the corrupt ANC governing party of South Africa has done exactly that. Gwede Mantashe, Secretary-General of the African National Congress, has accused the United States of wanting to implement regime change in South Africa, claiming,

We are aware of the programme that takes young people to the United States for six weeks then bring them back and plant them everywhere in the campuses.

Patrick_Gaspard_(profile)The accusation could not be directed at a “better” man. US Ambassador Patrick Gaspard (above) is an American Black man, born in the Congo of Haitian parents, and long standing Obama man. He moved to the United States with his parents in 1970. He was the National Director of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Like his master, he is a “Community Organizer”. It would seem that while blood runs thicker than water, community organizing runs thicker than blood in American Democratic Party politics.

It would also seem these credentials have come back to haunt him. In the mind of the ANC, Gaspard is taking young Black South Africans to the US for indoctrination and training in civil unrest with a view to, what Mantashe calls, a Color Revolution. It would seem that 46 young South African Blacks have already been through this mill.

In the most ironic and bizarre of twists, Gaspard has managed to implicate the Obama Administration by responding that Mantashe should be aware of the programme because he (Gaspard) personally invited him (Mantashe) to recommend young ANC leaders for it.

Now, let us stop here for just a minute. Imagine the Chinese ambassador to the US approaching the Secretary-General of Communist Party USA to nominate young leaders in the party for training in Beijing. What would the ordinary American think of that?

This author is less bothered about the incoherent rantings of the ANC, never known for its intellectual depth. However, when a US Ambassador in the Obama Administration admits to approaching a Party Secretary-General of the Soviet trained National Socialist ANC with a view to training its “promising young leaders”, this author has only one thing to say: “I TOLD YOU!

The Obama Administration and the current Far Left version of the Democratic Party is the ANC of the United States. No wonder the US is looking more and more like South Africa by the day. The only problem is, the ANC has apparently lost the collective plot and now feels threatened by its Far Left American protectors. Perhaps the ANC believes the mayhem caused by students in South Africa over the past six months is due to this project, or, at the very least, they may think they can plausibly blame the US for it.

Perhaps the ANC is so comprehensively rattled by the consequences of its 22 years of gross mismanagement of the country that it actually believes that it is a plausible candidate for American style regime change, with or without the usual obligatory USAF stealth bombers followed by B52s. Whatever their convictions, the ANC will not be acceptable to any US administration after January 2017, and they likely know that.

In 1988, the Soviet Union went defunct and the Castro brothers lost their sponsor. What followed was a most miserable period in Cuba. By end January 2017, the Obama Adminsitration will be defunct, and the ANC will have lost ITS protector that has forgiven it every transgression.To whom will they turn? …. China?