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Featured_MbekiA new letter by former State President Thabo Mbeki (above) confirms that the Commonwealth Secretary General, Emeka Anyaku, asked the despotic Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe in 1990 to delay his “land restitution” (farm grabbing) plans so as to not frighten white South Africans who were then negotiating with the ANC.

SO, if anyone ever wanted to know, there was no honesty involved. It was always a plan to see to the comprehensive demise of white people in Africa, and Britain’s much vaunted Commonwealth had a direct hand in the subterfuge. Mbeki refers to the farm theft as “needed agrarian reform”.

The whole planet now knows the disastrous consequences in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately the world media illogically thinks the same disaster would somehow work a miracle in South Africa. The disaster has already set in. This author wonders whether Mbeki understands the meaning of the word “agrarian”.