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In October 2015 I published an update to the Heart of Darkness Scenario that I had painted before the 2014 National Election in South Africa. In that update I sketched how the National Socialist ANC government of South Africa has cozied up to China and has become a member of BRICS. In that piece I warned that the US economy was improving while the Chinese Miracle was going the way of all economic miracles, namely down. In simple terms, I warned that the ANC was going to place South Africa on the wrong side of history.

The Globe & Mail is a highly respected Canadian newspaper and is often referred to as the “national  newspaper”. So, it is of some significance when that paper, against the above background, prints a massive centrepiece on the relationship between China and Africa (read “South Africa”).

Iron&SteelThe G&M uses the shutdown of the giant EVRAZ steelworks outside Witbank as its posterboy for the economic malaise that has struck South Africa due to its over-association with China. It reports that some 50,000 jobs in the Iron & Steel industry are in jeopardy. The entire industry is in crisis. It quotes Solidarity as stating that its laid off members are living on “cabbage and pap”.

At the heart of this sits the ANC and its infatuation with anything that is not of the “White Man’s West”. The G&M describes how the ANC sent delegations to Beijing to study the Chinese system. It even drafted plans to to emulate the Chinese “central party school”. It declared that the Chinese Communist Party “should be a guiding lodestar” for the ANC’s policies. The ANC’s admiration of China got completely out of hand when one ANC cabinet minister suggesed the Great Wall of China had been built in just 10 months. Another ANC leading light suggested that China’s “Opposition parties” were far superior to “their” South African counterparts, apparently not realizing that there are no Opposition parties in China. Then again, the ANC never has been a great brains trust. South Africa has explicitly stated that it wants its China relationship to be a deliberate counterweight to Western influence.

The economic reality, however, is turning out rather different from the dream. As the “Chinese Miracle” deflated, Africa’s exports to China fell 38% in 2015. Chinese investment declined 40%. Overall trade between Africa and China is down 18%. Nigeria and Zambia have already sought loans from the IMF. The South African Mining industry has  lost 47,000 jobs since 2012 and is planning on cutting another 32,000.

Jakkie Cilliers, a highly respected security analyst, is quoted by the G&M:

In exchange for membership in the BRICS, South Africa appears to have given China a licence to de-industrialize the country. The South African government misses no opportunity to ‘buy Chinese,’ importing anything from scarves and caps for the African National Congress to cheap consumer goods, which should be made in South Africa.

Feelings may very well be mutual. China’s 20% investment  in Standard Bank is now worth less than half of what it paid in US dollars. From a South African perspective even the regional secretary of NUMSA (the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa) has ventured that the ANC has “made a strategic error in its Chinese partnership“. He comments,

They’re taking our natural resources and creating jobs in China, not South Africa. The relationship benefits China, not us. In fact, we are being economically colonized by China.

Wow! You don’t say!? Is one actually expected to pretend that this was not forseeable? In fact, South Africa itself is the example that proves the rule. Its economy grew at an enormous world beating rate in the 1960s under apartheid. But, that was not sustainable. These miracles never are. It seems Africa’s Black leaders have reduced their own philosophy to a decision as to who they wish to be colonized by. Yet Africa has its own voices that warn about economic matters, such as George Ayyiteyi of Ghana and Dambisa Moyo of Zambia. But, they are not listened to, much as successful Black Americans are more often than not disowned by their fellow Black Americans. Certainly, the devout liberals of the West do not listen either.

The ANC’s all-consuming hatred of all things “White”, including the entire West, is steering South Africa over a cliff. In anticipation of the November 2016 presidential elections in the United States the ANC shall have to reposition the country, or suffer dire consequences.

They can consider themselves warned.