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The year 2015 was the worst thus far as regards the murder and torture of white farmers in South Africa. The new year already has seen the killing of 15 people on farms, the latest this week. Oddly, one has to go to the Chinese media to get non-South African reporting on the matter. Perhaps it is because they now have so many people in that once proudly Western Christian country. See for example THIS report about an attack on Wednesday night. Perhaps the less I write, the better. Featured_FarmMurder

Please just let it be known that the photograph shows the room of the 9 year old daughter that was killed. As this Chinese report rightly points out, the government has rejected repeated calls to declare growing farm attacks a crime of priority.  One wonders what one needs to do to get the Western Media to state this. Apparently, White Lives Don’t Matter.

Meanwhile there were three farm attacks in two hours at De Wildt on Thursday night. Just another day in the life of a white family in South Africa, where the  president sings “Kill the whites” and gets no criticism from the US President.

But the man who wrote the biography of Mandela, who caused all this, now serves in Obama’s administration, so we should not be surprised. Nevertheless, a reasonable person may demand that decent Americans be outraged.

Where is Donald Trump when we need him? He knows South Africa is a dangerous mess. He said so.

Harry Booyens