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In one of its most recent issues, the magazine Foreign Policy runs an article under the title The End of Politics As We Know It. The title is entirely appropriate. The key line in the article is the following:

Over the past few decades, both American Democrats and British Labourites have defined themselves as the defenders of the minorities produced by increasingly multicultural societies — only to discover that their old core constituency, the white working class, has turned away, shifting its loyalties to the Trumps and the Farages.

UK_US_FranceThe article also adds Norbert Hofer of Austria, Viktor Órban of Hungary, and Marine le Pen of France. Nigel Farage and Marine le Pen are shown either side of Donald Trump in the image above.

While they may not realize it, the folks in these countries have had a tiny dose of what the much maligned white people of South Africa have had to live with for twenty years. Just a whiff of it and Americans and Europeans are already running for the political hills. I cannot blame them. Without realizing it, they are starting to understand what it is the Left Wings in their countries forced on their blood kin in South Africa, and they like it not one little bit. For those with no idea of what the South African experience is, I suggest they read AmaBhulu-The Birth and Death of the Second America.

Wait until they are actually legislated out of their jobs and livelihoods and they are trundled into re-education meetings to instill in them a hatred of their own culture and history. Wait until they are told day and night that THEY are the problem in the country they built. Wait until what they call “Minorities” are the majority.

Perhaps the title of the Foreign Policy article should have been “The End of the Guilt Complex“.  I have had to suffer the effects of this wayward collective psychopathic Liberal Guilt rubbish my entire grown life. I have had to lose my country to it before my kin in the West started realising what was inflicted on us in their name by their governments ever since the late 1960s. White Presbyterian Afrikaners in South Africa are being wiped out as a nation without so much as a whisper from the formal American Media.

My comment to those who are looking in the direction of Farage, Le Pen, and Trump is,

Take a good look at South Africa so you can understand the bullet you are busy dodging.

I have wondered for many years when the overreach of the Trendy Lefty Multiculturalists would backfire and the map would turn. When would the Americans in America, and the Europeans in Europe finally get fed up? Ironically, it would seem Obama’s Middle East policy and the resulting flood of refugees into Europe, along with overambition in the European Union and over-indulgence in Greece finally conspired to do it. The Mortgage Crisis exported from the US helped to lower the tolerance level of working people everywhere for whatever they perceive as a threat.

I do not believe that Trump is as rigid as either Farage or Le Pen, but I believe he can see when his country is being taken for a ride.

— Harry Booyens