Last Tuesday, Ted Cruz folded his presidential campaign, followed within hours by John Kasich. Thereby Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. And this led to an interesting visit to a restaurant by a Left leaning Washington Post columnist. But, let us start at the beginning; at least, the beginning as I experienced it….

TimeMagI grew up in South Africa to a mother who was a distribution manager for Time, Life and Newsweek in part of the country. She would always bring home the week-old issues returned unsold from individual shops. The Internet had not been invented in the 1960s, and TV was non-existent in South Africa. Radio and the printed word were basically the only sources of news in the family. My information diet was this collection of unsold publications and short wave radio. On the latter I listened with equal attention to the BBC, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle (via its Kigali relay station in Rwanda), Radio Peking, Radio Moscow, and subchannel, Radio Peace and Progress with its strident military signature tune.

Radio Peking was particularly frightening with its dehumanized “Quotes from Chairman Mao”. Through all this wafted the beautiful sound of the bokmakierie bird, representing Radio RSA from South Africa. Each one spread the truth the way they saw it, or wanted it, as the case may be. Yes, I even listened to the African National Congress transmitting out of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. At thirteen years of age I was making up my own mind, as is becoming of a scientist-to-be.

AmaCover2I would read what these people in Time (above) and Newsweek had to say about my country, but I hardly ever recognized South Africa from what was written there. What was clear to me back then, was that they considered me and mine inherently evil and an irritation to them. I was in my early teens and I was already doomed to extermination by these people. This is how I learned to hate and detest the formal media and accept them as my God-given enemy, utterly incapable of understanding our predicament as white people in Africa, and hell bent on our destruction. Sometimes I wondered if they actually knew where South Africa was. Much of this may be read in AmaBhulu.

Later, in my twenties in the United States, I got to do with the iconic liberal New York Times and  Washington Post. I learned their cultural calibration. It was evident that they would never leave a stone unturned to turn the whites of South Africa into the galactic whipping boys for their own grandfathers’ sins. If it was not yet clear to me that liberal people sought my demise, it was basically spat in my face by a visiting Communist Danish Professor in 1980. It all happened in my office at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights (below), setting of the much publicized Jeopardy round between the computer Watson and human opponents, many years later. In 1980, we were both there on sabbatical research stays and we agreed on nothing. He had some years previous made a point of marching into the church and renouncing his religion, like a good textbook Communist.


In response to a question on my part as to what he would have us do as white people in Africa with no right of return to anywhere else on the planet Earth, the learned professor rose out of his chair to his 6-foot-6 Viking height and spat in my face the words,

You are a sick anachronism and a blot on the name of Europe. You should just die.

Then he stormed out of the office so as to absent himself from the reality that I represented. He had no idea what I should do about the realities I faced, but he was clear that he wanted me dead. That deprived me of the ability to ask him how it was that Denmark managed to maintain Greenland as a colony in 1980 with only 12% of the population being of European Danish descent. I wanted to know whether that 12% was also supposed to “just die“, being an “anachronism” and a “blot on Denmark“. Oh! Wait! They could return to Denmark! So it would have been an “unfair” question. Hmmmmm…. they’re still there.

As the reader will understand, this kind of thing stays with one, especially when one’s people are being killed like flies, as is now the case in South Africa. That particular moment in my life has come to define for me the true essence of the devout liberal. It explains why I do not hate black people in Africa; they simply are who and what God made them. They are certainly able to callously act in their own interests and harm white people, as is now the case. However, the Northern Hemisphere Liberal has a galaxy of sensible choices available to him, but chooses this perverse, malicious and destructive philosophy. This underscores my belief that the Black Man in Africa is not the enemy of my family in South Africa. That distinction goes to the White Northern Hemisphere liberal who behaves as an enemy to all HE deems as his own kind. It is amazing what a guilty conscience will do to otherwise intelligent human beings, entirely capable of rational thought.

Against this background, my glee knew no end when I heard that liberal Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank sat down at a restaurant table last week and literally ate his own words. He had predicted on 4 October 2015 that there was no way that Donald Trump would become the Republican Party nominee. In the fateful October 2015 article he had undertaken to eat his own words if Trump were to be nominated.

[CLICK on the image to play the amusing video from the Washington Post.]


Last Tuesday, Ted Cruz folded his presidential campaign, followed within hours by John Kasich. Thereby Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. And so it came to pass that Milbank faced literally eating his own words.

Now, if only I could get all these liberal media people to eat their words about South Africa. However, when the truth surfaces, as it is doing at present, they just remain silent. It is ever so much easier for one to shut up when one is proven wrong by simple unavoidable reality. Perhaps, as per the proverb, they are not “good men”, and therefore evil DOES indeed triumph. The realities of South Africa after 22 years of Black Majority Rule by the Communist ANC—the fundamental desire of Northern Hemisphere liberal reporters—are now brazenly obvious for all to see.

Yet, silence reigns and no reporter is lining up for a dinner of his past decades of articles on South Africa. I am forced to believe that their real purpose was to see us exterminated off their collective conscience, and they could not care less what actually happens to South Africa in the process. This is pretty much the same guilty conscience about persecuting Jews that makes Continental Europe so anti-Israel. “If only the pesky Jews would evaporate and get off the European conscience, eh?”-[end Canadian sarcasm]

— Harry Booyens