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One of the first things the African National Congress did when it came to power in South Africa in 1994, was to start abusing the institutions of the state to give jobs to its supporters. Beyond the immediate government Departments, the party pushed its people into the Defence Force, Police, Post Office, Telkom, and other such bodies. In the process, it turned the Defence Force into a dangerous vector for AIDS in Africa. To quote from the report by the Institute for Security Studies in this link (page 62),

Concern that peacekeepers may serve as vectors for the spread of the disease have been reinforced by ongoing accusations of sexual abuse perpetrated by peacekeepers.

New_SA_ArmyIn the next phase, it insinuated political officers into semi-state organizations such as the defence industry, national research bodies and the like. Exactly how that worked may be read in the book AmaBhulu – The Birth and Death of the Second America.

After 2002, it turned its focus on private industry and, using the brazenly racist Black Economic Empowerment legislation, it started forcing larger companies to discriminate against white employees, white managers, and white-owned suppliers to their companies. So deluded were Canadians, for example, that morally suspect investment firms in Canada listed funds with investments in such BEE-approved companies as being “Ethical Investments”. Perhaps “Ethical” means something else in Canadian English than in the rest of the Anglophone world.

When this author visited South Africa in 2012, after 18 years of this process, the ANC effort of obliterating the lives and culture of any white people wherever they possibly could had reached even the Museum system. Hordes of black people were stacked at the entrances to these institutions doing Heaven knows what. At no institution of its type was there ever just one black person manning reception. They were always a group, often outnumbering the actual visitors.

MuseumAt two separate museums, hundreds of miles apart, the author was told by the white managers that they were leaving and that their Coloured personnel were being intentionally replaced with black people. It is worth pointing out that the term “Coloured ” in South Africa bears little relation to the old term in the USA. The ANC government insists on maintaining racial groupings in order to implement new Apartheid laws. At one particular museum, the author found a contributor to the museum who was collecting his family’s contribution to the museum back from the institution, because the family believed the purpose of the museum was now to destroy its own contents. The assault on white people in South africa is not just on their money, their jobs, their language, and their culture; their very history is in the process of being obliterated. The ANC has learnt well from its old Soviet mentor.

Until recently, it seemed that the Western news media was going out of its way to actively NOT report on the excesses in South Africa. Whether it is because they are truly that far Left, or whether now admitting that they were wrong for 50 years would be too disabling, is unclear. The fact is that they willfully starved their readers of the truth about South Africa. They simply lied about South Africa until 1994, and then they simply shut up about it since then. Either way, the ordinary citizen of the West has been wholly misled about South Africa, and it has been done with malice aforethought.

However, mostly because of the Internet and Social Media, it is now becoming very difficult to ignore the truth and these supposed reporters are being forced to confront reality. And so it is that in early 2015 the British Daily Mail published and article on a report by the Institute for Race Relations in which devastating statistics are revealed. The report states that more than one in every one hundred police officers has a criminal record. More specifically, the report states that,

it is often with good reason that the public fear the police, especially with regard to sexual violence and rape perpetrated by officers against vulnerable women.


The actual report may be downloaded here.

This is not the first so called “Broken Blue Line” report by the Institute. In their first report from 2011, they commented that,

…we were able to gather well over 100 case studies in less than a week – 75% of which took place over a period of just 14 months between January 2009 and April 2010. If we had continued our search we would doubtless have found several hundred, if not more than a thousand examples of police criminality. It should of course be very difficult, if not impossible, to find any incidents of police criminality. That we uncovered so many cases with such ease  suggested  that  the  project  had  uncovered  a  significant problem.

The organization listed armed robberies, armed home invasions, rape, cash-in-transit robberies, fraud, weapons dealing, and even bombing of ATMs.

It leaves one to seriously doubt the future of law enforcement in a country in which there is already no respect for human life. Against this background, one can understand that the white farming community, currently the subject of what only be described as “effective genocide”, sets zero store by the police. They are dying at a rate much higher than that of policemen; murdered and tortured to death.

Harry Booyens