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I swear, one cannot make up this stuff. If it were not for the fact that the monstrously racist ANC government of South Africa has the majority in Parliament and is busy stealing the country blind, it would be hysterically funny. Certainly, the opposition member’s retort that the ANC member at the podium appears to be confusing Jan van Riebeeck with Jesus Christ is amusing.

Click on the image below to play the video of the singular event that elevated to Biblical levels the first Dutch commander of the Cape of Good Hope, who arrived on 6 April 1652, about 364 years ago. That would be rather less than 2,000 years ago. The indigenous people at the Cape were Khoekhoe people, a completely different human race from the Black Ba’Ntu people of Africa south of the Sahara. The Khoekhoe lived in dread of the Blacks further to the east. Until the 20th century, Black people lived east of the Fish River, some 600 miles east of Cape Town.


The opposition members may certainly laugh as they do in this parliamentary video, but I do not think they appreciate that the vast majority of young Blacks (all born into abject political privilege after the end of apartheid) actually BELIEVE this kind of utter rubbish the ANC is indoctrinating them with. They have absolutely zero concept of their own real history. They should be viewed as dangerous and unstable human containers who have undergone Colin Farrell’s character’s memory implant (image below) from the movie Total Recall.


Many of them truly and devoutly believe their ancestors were at the Cape of Good Hope before white men got there, whereas, in fact, their own recent ancestors—often their very own parents—were the recent immigrants to the country west of the Fish River in the East of the country. The country will eventually pay an enormous price for this rubbish.

It is roughly the equivalent of trying to suggest the Plains Sioux Indian ancestors of Sitting Bull welcomed the Pilgrim Fathers on the beaches of Massachusetts. Perhaps the fact that even some Black members of Parliament could not disguise their amusement is cause for some hope. This is how pathetic life has become in South Africa…. that one should hang onto an embarrassed smile as constituting hope.