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Earlier this month the Sowetan (Live) published an ARTICLE under the above title. Author Prince Mashele may well have been in a cynical frame of mind when he wrote this piece, but he is spot-on correct. In a country where the state broadcaster is instructing its personnel to NOT broadcast any scenes of the true mayhem in the country, the truth is refreshing, if frightening. One imagines they prefer to rather transmit scenes of the president’s various polygamous marriages (below) where he demonstrates his dancing abilities in leopard skin. One can only wonder at the symbolism of the machete, or panga, as it is known in South Africa. It is less than clear whether this image was taken at a marriage to one of his present four wives.


And yet there are people who delude themselves into thinking they are still living in a Western country just beacuse they can get an ATM to work and they have a working cell phone. Perhaps one has to look from the outside to realise that idea is long dead.

For those whites who think that they can mystically gain acceptance like the character of Richard Harris in A man called Horse, I need to explain: it will never happen; that was a movie (below). Wake up; they will just laugh at you and then make you sit up and beg. If you have a black South African friend, ask him. He’ll tell you that. He won’t bite you. He’ll just be honestly mystified at how it is you do not realize that.


If the realization that South Africa, after 22 years of the Black Nationalist Socialist ANC government, is now more like Cameroon than Canada comes as a shock, then the international observer can only shake his head at the mass delusion to date. I have considered this stupefacted behaviour as being Boiled Frog Syndrome for well nigh two decades. Any person who has had other views after Thabo Mbeki effectively took over from Mandela in 1997 has been actively misleading himself. The writing was on the wall in that year for all who cared to take note.

If they had refused to notice when ANC political officers were being put into the everyday workplace as part of “Cadre Deployment” in 1999-2000, then they had to have lacked normal human powers of perception.

If they still did not comprehend this by 2004 when the Black Economic Empowerment laws were implemented, actively doing white people out of their livelihoods with malice aforethought, then they were willfully deaf and blind.

If they still refused to believe it in early 2008 when it was announced that the Scorpions (The South African FBI) was to be shut down, then they could not possibly have realised that a massive number of ANC members of Parliament were under investigation by said Scorpions. Instead, folks focused on the old psychological standby of “Braaivleis, Rugby, Sunny Skies and Chevrolet“; they preferred to polish their Mercedes, have a barbecue, and watch rugby.

If they did not understand that the Marikana Massacre of 16 August 2012 was none other than the BEE laws backfiring in the hands of Cyril Ramaphosa like a rusty barreled handgun, then I cannot help them. They clearly do not want to hear, understand, or act.

It is now another four years later, and when South Africans had an opportunity in 2014 to turn this disaster around, they ignorantly and stupidly voted yet again for the hapless Idi Amin-like character, Jacob Zuma (image above).  They look away while he steals the country blind and instead they threaten completely helpless white people. And the ANC keeps siccing the uneducated on white people.

Author Prince Mashele is correct when he says South Africa is now “just another African country“. What else did people expect!? The revelation here is that a thinking black man has finally realized it and has appreciated that there is a difference between a Western Country and an African Basket Case. Clearly the majority of voters have zero clue what this means.

In the absence of the ANC being removed from power, that country cannot conceivably be saved from itself. Those few people of all races who have the insight and intelligence to save the situation are completely outnumbered by millions who are absolutely clueless, and thoroughly incapable of a rational decision.

And Prince Mashele knows this.