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The Globe and Mail, a leading newspaper in Canada, is today running the article below on the subject of the Gupta brothers and their attempts to execute what is in effect a coup in South Africa by corrupting the ANC government. Given the nature of the ANC, that would not have been much of a challenge. A government that (1) passes acts like the BEE Act [See Chapter 29; p.549 of AmaBhulu] and that (2) protects its president, Jacob Zuma, against literally hundreds charges of corruption cannot be morally salvaged. Zuma is shown below with one of his several wives and the Obama couple.


Instead of “coup d’ etat”, the term “state capture” was used by parties in the article. I do not see how that changes the concept. If anything, it is more emphatic.

Click here for the Globe and Mail article

Americans would do well to think twice about having dealings with a government that is so easily corrupted. It speaks to a lack of any moral fibre and will come to bite those who deal with them, and most likely they will be bitten in the legal posterity. You have hereby been warned.

The Guptas (below), for their part, seem to have realized the scope of the issue, because they were reported to have fled the country six weeks ago by departing from Lanseria, an airport west of Pretoria with no Customs & Immigration control. While the reports are being denied, the details of the flight are very specific. The reader can judge for himself from the later article to which I link HERE. Four banks also dropped all their business with the brothers.


It is remarkable that the spokesperson would suggest (at minute 4:20) that “in a country where we have had major corruption scandals” they are “singled out” by the banks for punishment. Is he suggesting they ARE INDEED involved in corruption?

Donald Trump, please take note. If you become president, you will have to deal with this situation. It is unavoidable. Your present president prefers to be photographed with the basic core of the problem, Jacob Zuma. You should be thankful Zuma did not put your president in leopard skin.