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Mainland China has been buying up tracts of South Africa and Chinese citizens have been given Honorary Black status in the country to avoid the anti-white discrimination by the government’s BEE laws. See the book AmaBhulu for this legislation and its consequences. China has ventured into Africa before in modern history. They helped Zambia and Tanzania build the Tan-Zam railway line. However, in the end, the Africans always push them out again. The reason for that reaction may be in the following commercial which this week revealed the Chinese view of Black people. Now and then in life, the truth accidentally comes out, and so now we know what China really thinks. [click on image to see video]


Of course the “deeply outraged” are piling on. See for example the following outraged young lady with suitable fern and books and accompanying laptop. She actually provides another useful example of the deeper issue. [click on image to see video]


Ja well no fine!

Harry Booyens