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In the old Soviet Union the State Broadcaster was the Soviet Central Television of the U.S.S.R. Naturally it was completely under the control of the state. Their Programme Four was created in 1967/78 and was focused on the Russian Intelligentsia and students. Its goal was basically to ensure that neither groups questioned anything too much.

The African National Congress government of South Africa clearly believes the Soviets had it right. They are trying to stop any news about upheavals in the country getting to the eyes and ears of its gullible base of voters. Basically, the only reason why anyone is still voting for them is pure unadulterated black racism. Any logic has long departed the scene. Fortunately for the ANC, it has managed to keep the overwhelming majority of its supporters uneducated and ignorant. That helps them. The problem is, one does not have to be able to read and write to watch television and consume a basic picture and speech, and therein lies the rub for the ANC.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation, the equivalent of the Soviet institution above—both run by the governing parties—has decided to ban the broadcasting of any “destruction of property”. This, of course, while its supporters and ex-supporters are running around the country torching what they can lay their hands on. In fact, this is exactly what the ANC taught them to do in the 1980s when they announced that their intention was to make the country ungovernable. Back then it included torching alive those black people who disagreed with them and killing white farmers’ families with anti-tank mines.


In an earlier post we reported on the events (picture of school above) in the Northern Province of Limpopo. Little notice was taken of that post. If South Africans prefer to cover their own eyes and ears then so be it. Now the SABC is offering them help in the form of a news blackout on anything that looks like unhappy voters. That way the white folks can keep having peaceful barbecues and plead ignorance and the black folks can burn things without worrying about being noticed and can then plead innocence. See… that works for everyone. Why didn’t I think of that sick symbiosis.

Now the BBC comes along and “spoils it for everyone”. In an article dated 3 June [click here] (last week), they point squarely at the SABC and accuse it of “Apartheid Tactics”. I’m not sure what the BBC has in mind when they use this odd term, but they certainly appear to object to the idea of censoring news to skew the upcoming election by hiding reality from voters.

It mystifies me why the BBC would be worried by that. They have skewed the news from South Africa all my life. Why does it bother them now? My only comment to the BBC is,

But my dear BBC, you breathlessly supported this bunch from day one. Would it be possible to get from you at least a vague indication that you think you may have been wrong in doing so. After all, it was always obvious to the rest of us exactly what these creatures were. But, you fawned on them from 1960 to 1994 and beyond. They learnt very well from their Soviet mentors.

Actually, don’t tell a soul, but all along I always I thought you did as well….and I have not seen much to change my mind.

Harry Booyens