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In the vacuous realm of American Politics there is forever talk of the “War on Women”. Americans have this penchant to politically exaggerate in extreme fashion. In this way a somewhat conservative person is promptly called “Hitler”. All this smacks of people who do not really have serious problems and exaggerate to be noticed.

Contrast this with South Africa, where one does not need any interpretive abilities at all to know who is at war with whom. If one is Black in South Africa, one may say anything racist without consequences. Julius Malema is a good example.

In the South African political spectrum, Julius Malema (below), the former leader of the ANC Youth League, occupies the left hand end of the map with his so-called Economic Freedom Fighters party and their red uniforms. He is as incoherent as he is overfed. He is as dangerous as he is ignorant. He is as funny as he is evil. He is as militant as he is rich. He is everything an African Tyrant in Training should be if he wishes to ultimately run a basket case country. He is a classic candidate for a future International Criminal Court hearing. All we have to do is wait and he shall eventually arrive there. The only issue is, how many bodies will there be along the way.


He recently added to his passage along this path when he offered up this gem:

We are at war with whites who took our land and we now want it back. We want our land and we want our wealth; if you stand in our way we will crush you…

It is interesting how individuals who utter these words can never articulate where this “stolen” land is supposed to be. Instead, one hears young Blacks spew drivel along the lines of there having been Black people at the Cape when the Dutch arrived in 1652. There was no such thing. The nearest ones lived at what is today the southern boundary of the Natal province. When the Stavenisse ran aground in the late 1600s along the coast south of there, it was Khoi people the survivors met, not Blacks. And the Blacks were driving out the Khoi people. By 1780, the Black people had reached the region between the Kei and Keiskamma Rivers. These rivers empty into the sea either side of East London. It apparently does not occur to anyone that those two rivers have Khoi names. People can be really seriously stupid in large numbers.

So, as to the matter of who took land from whom, this is indeed a case of “The Black calling the pot ‘Kettle'”; pun intended.

Perhaps it is time for White South Africans and those of Khoi descent to take to the streets with placards and noisy chanting, demanding that the ANC “GIVE BACK THE COUNTRY IT STOLE” from them and demand that everything south of a line from Kuruman, through Winburg and Ficksburg in the Free State to Port Edward on the Natal border be vacated by Black People, with the exception of Lesotho. After all, when the Whites got to the Free State, the population in the west was of Khoi descent as far north as the mountains that famously bear their name, the Korannaberg, just west of Kuruman.

RedlineSATo their south were the mixed race “Griqua” people of Waterboer near what is now Griquastad, southwest of Kimberley. The nearest spot where there were indigenous Black people was roughly Kuruman. The “Subzero in Winter” Highveld Prairie to the east was deserted up to the later Ficksburg, which was the home of the earlier feared Mantatee. Only the small community of displaced BaRolong lived at Thaba’Nchu, east of Bloemfontein, to where an English Missionary had led them for safety from Mzilikatze, the ama’Ndebele tyrant.

The Ba’Rolong aided the whites and the help was eventually mutual. They fought together against Mzilikatze. He lived north of Kuruman and west of Pretoria, and had covered the Prairie in bleached skeletons. If there had ever been Black people there, then they had fled after around 1822. All this due to their own kind in the form of Mzilikatse and the Zulu kings, Chaka and Dingane. In any case, how many readers have ever seen pictures of Black African people shivering in sub-zero winter temperatures? It beggars the mind. Other than the highly adapted Ba’Sotho, they just don’t live in such cold places. Also, irrigation never occurred to them, so the relatively dry Free State could not support their form of milk-cow-based civilization. The Free State sees pretty much zero rain in the heart of winter and very little for six months of the year through the winter. Confirm that with the country’s weather service.

I do a lot of work in Genealogy, and I have a colleague whose ancestor Joachim Scholtz died in the (later named) Free State in 1834 BEFORE THE GREAT TREK of 1836. He died on the Kromellenboogspruit tributary of the Riet River and the gravestone is reportedly in safekeeping at Florisbad. There were no black people there. The river system runs along a line roughly from Trompsburg to the Vaal river near Kimberley. Joachim’s formally filed death notice from 1834 has been immortalized on the Internet by the Mormon Church. In those days the Free State was known as the “Trans-Orange”, being outside the boundary of what was then the British Cape Colony. The death notice is HERE for all to read. The place of death is given as “at krom ellenboog Spruit beyond the Great Orange River“. How about Malema bring us all hard evidence that any of his ancestors died in the Free State, or in fact south of Pretoria in or before 1834. Intelligent people are now getting tired of this Black Racist drivel spewed by Black South Africans of Malema’s ilk.

Of course, the plan implied above would displace the entire current amaXhosa, amaPondo, amaBhaca and amaThembu peoples numbering around 8 million and all speaking isiXhosa. But, why should one care about that if no one cares about displacing all the white farmers? Why not make this another case for the United Nations to break its head about? If Ethnic Cleansing of White Farmers in South Africa is acceptable to the UN and the Western Media, why should the Ethnic Cleansing of 8M AmaXhosa not be? They took that land from the Khoi people. By Malema’s principles, they ought to be evicted forthwith.

So, I can make the case for this far more solidly than any Black person can defend his or her presence in South Africa south of that line. I would like to know what Malema, as a Ba’Pedi man from near Polokwane (see the map) in the far north is doing making demands about the country he knows nothing about and in which his ancestors had no business.

What would these people do with the land anyway? They certainly don’t work it. So, one can only assume they would like to sell it after consuming all that is on it, which is usually the case. In the book AmaBhulu I provide satellite imagery to show the destruction of land at the hand of these people. If the White people were to all vacate their farms, starvation is bound to follow in South Africa and the Western Media can prepare for commercials on TV begging them for money for dying black children in South Africa.

It has already been found that the “land restitution” scheme is a farce. The Black ANC government buys the land from the white farmers and gives it to “the aggrieved Black masses”. In several cases these people have sold the same land back to the farmers and then returned to waving placards and yelling “kill the whites”. It is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

Of course, the government buys the land out of taxes they levy on the same white farmers. So this is little more than a scheme to whittlle down the estates of white people, while the very same endangered Whites  are at their wits’ end to figure out how to survive this human grinder machine of the ANC. The ANC is engineering a society where Whites do all the work and generate the economy, and Black people siphon money off them to live. For this disguised serfdom to work, the Whites have to be intimidated on a daily basis. This is what the ANC and Malema are both good at.

The West aiding and abetting both of them in this process is not helping. It does not help that the Obama administration has ANC supporters in its midst. In fact, they are doing a good job of turning the United States into another South Africa at this very time. White Americans are already starting to experience the intimidation aspect to some degree. But, it is nothing in comparison with South Africa. The Americans can still take back their country. But they sold their South African blood relatives down the river and sacrificed them on the altar of party-political expediency and a false god called Democracy. In South Africa that word simply means “Intimidation” and provides little that may be called positive.

Of course, there is always the alternative: Malema could grow up and learn just a little about the country he has so much to say about. Who knows, he could even stop acting like Idi Amin.