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This morning FOXNEWS aired a piece from Johannesburg about the Thulsie brothers’ terror plans in South Africa. These were apparently directed against American and Jewish interests in South Africa.


In the Rest of the World, folks tend to get the CNN channel, but in the United States the cable channel with the stronger viewership is FOXNEWS, which is more conservative. CNN (the US version, rather than the International) has pretty much degenerated into the Barack Obama Tribute Channel and some refer to it as the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) Channel. Its focus certainly seems to be on Black Lives Matter and their ilk and it devotes an inordinate amount of time hammering on the American police services. It has lost its credibility as a supposed independent channel and its President recently confessed its liberal bias.

FOXNEWS, while clearly conservative and having a disproportionately large contingent of Roman Catholic presenters in senior positions, happily airs the dissenting liberal voices on its various shows and panels. It also distinguishes clrearly between news on teh one hand and commentary by such individuals as Bill O’reilly and Shean Hannity on the other. On CNN it is agony to watch a conservative trying to get a word in.

SO, when FOXNEWS finally transmits an interview with a Johannesburg correspondent about terror threats against American interests in South Africa, then you can know the subject has finally hit the news in America. In fact, they interrupted their wall-to-wall coverage of the US presidential election to do a few snippets of real news, which included this subject. I have not been able to find an online version of the video article…. yet(!) What I do find is THIS.

The State Department did issue warnings on the subject of terror in South africa some weeks ago, but today the issue gained substance. See more reporting here.

I am not surprised in the least that this has happened in South Africa and I also have zero faith that what now passes for a government in South Africa can actually handle this matter.