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In the Western World, Rolihlahla Mandela, more commonly known as  “Nelson”,  is held up as some sort of saintly creature to be admired as a “Man of Peace”. This image developed largely because he sat in jail  for 26 years, the last part of it in fact with a white cook and swimming pool. Without dwelling on why he sat in jail for close on 200 bombings in South Africa up to 1964, it is safe to say that the West has been wholly misled. Only on the night of his death did they finally hear from the mouth of the South African Communist Party itself that he had been a central member of their leadership.

The South African Communist Party is one of the very earliest ever created. It was founded in 1921, based on the existing International Socialist League of South Africa (which dated from 1915), along with the Communist Party (of the Cape Province), the local Poalei-Zion, the Jewish Socialist Party, the Marxian Club, and some individuals. Its leadership was dominated by Latvian and Lithuanian Communists and Far Left British members, an influence that remains to this day. It was a “Foreigner’s Ideas Club” at inception.

Mandela began “hanging out” with Communists like Joe Slovo during WWII. By 1947 he had finished serving his articles as a lawyer and became an executive of the African National Congress party in the Transvaal Province, where Johannesburg was situated. All this may be read in detail in AmaBhulu.

The West just cannot bring itself to accept that it has been comprehensively misled. It considers itself way “too highly educated”, “too well-informed”, “too wise”, even “too fundamentally intelligent” to have been fooled. It has not yet learnt that it is exactly highly trained people who are the easy marks of con artists; this for exactly the reason that they believe they cannot be fooled. It is called “arrogance”, and the West has it in ample supply, most particularly its liberal so-called intelligentsia, including the Clinton and Obama Administrations. George Bush senior was never fooled, but his son lost the plot and took Mandela’s ANC party off the US Terrorist Organization List where his own father had correctly put them.


And now, thanks to Jacob Zuma (above), the hapless, incompetent, and wholly corrupt leader of South Africa, we learn that the disaster that is now South Africa was exactly and precisely Mandela’s Plan. But why write prose here if all we have to do is take Zuma at his word, spoken with such dedication and conviction in an interview with China’s CCTV. Says the intrepid Zuma of his African National Congress (ANC) party,

So we are the organisation of Mandela. We are using the lessons from Mandela to run the organisation, to run the country. So we think of Mandela as our leader who gave to us the lessons within the ANC framework and we stick to them and we will follow what Mandela did and following that will never go wrong.

And there you have it! From the mouths of babes…. or complete imbeciles, as the case may be. So says the man who ran South Africa from the biggest economy in Africa to third place and dropping, from a solid financial position to having its credit rating flirt with junk status, from a world leading country to an African Basket Case. The country is now the international poster boy of Government Corruption. It has already proved to be too much for some.

So THIS is what Mandela wanted? Really, Mr Zuma?

Thanks for warning us all 22 years too late! You and FW de Klerk should go camp together and do some bonding around a campfire. It seems both of you take just on a quarter century to “figure things out” that normal people consider obvious.

The interviewer clearly was not fooled. Note her follow-up question to the above segment.

Alas, Zuma cannot even fool a Communist on economics.