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featured_clooneypendergastGeorge Cloony and John Pendergast have created The Sentry, an organization to dismantle the financing of Africa’s deadliest conflicts. At this time they are doing their best to draw attention to the corruption in South Sudan which is used to finance the fighting in that pretend-country.

The situation there is one that we from Africa have seen to the degree that the story is stale beyond words. George seems not to comprehend that corruption is an integral part of traditional indigenous African society. He brings “White Man Thinking” to the table. It is simply not “Plug and Play” in the system that is Africa.

The indigenous Black African population of the continent numbers around 1 Billion. No one is going to change the way they think after thousands of years of doing things the way they do them. To George and myself it is corruption. To the 1 Billion Africans it is the way life is conducted and they don’t want a “Stupid Evil Colonialist White Man” to tell them any differently, no matter how right (or famous) he is.

If he really wishes to tackle this matter, he would start with the single greatest corruption racket on the planet at this time where there still IS a modicum of Western infrastructure. He could just read the newspapers from South Africa and then send his ex-FBI investigators there. He’ll find very big targets like maggots on a carcass in that country, and, if he could draw attention to THAT disaster, he would be saving one of the major countries of the planet. This would have greater impact than focusing on an irrelevant backwater, whose next-door neighbour (The Central African Republic) was previously run by a reported cannibal, Jean-Bédel Bokassa (go ahead, read it), who named himself Emperor and sat on a gold-plated throne (below). He stole his country dry and fed his opposition to the palace crocodiles. The South Sudan is no different. This stuff comes with the territory.


In the interview with Foxnews (see trailer), which aired today, George rightly says that these people cannot be shamed, but they can be cut off from the money system of the world, which they abuse to squirrel away the stolen riches. But, instead of fiddling around in the backward South Sudan, he should target the corrupt heap that would produce the biggest bang for the buck, so to speak: Jacobs Zuma (below) and his ANC Party in South Africa.


Zuma has already said that the ANC has squirreled away enough money to keep themselves in power “until Jesus comes back”.

SO, in a nutshell, THINK BIGGER, George! You can do it!