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I have been hoping and praying that the US State department will at some point start putting pressure on the ANC government of South Africa to (i) cease its threatening and harrassment of white people and to (ii) stamp out corruption. However, under Obama, there is no hope of that.

This brings us to the present looming election in the United States and the hope of  a new US president taking the above actions against the ANC. This assumes that a new president will not be corrupt to start with and will respect the rule of law. I happened to be watching Fox News the other day and caught this little gem by Xavier Becerra, House Representative of the Democratic Party and senior House Hispanic Caucus member. He was defending Hillary Clinton in her bid for the White House and clearly was not going to be bothered by a little thing like logic or fact.

The background is the e-mail security issue around Hillary Clinton, who brazenly broke the law by putting top secret State Department information on her hackable private server. To understand just how extensive the problem was, read THIS well presented blogpost by DC Rutledge, who walks the reader through the announcement made by FBI Chief James Comey. Earlier, the whole world heard Comey say in almost so many words, “She’s guilty as all sin and therefore (!!!?) we are not prosecuting her“.


Chris Wallace of Fox News raises the e-mail issue with Becerra in THIS CLIP. He points Becerra to Comey’s own statement that clarifies that IT DOES NOT MATTER whether a document is marked “Secret”. If the information on it is secret, then the document is secret, marked or not marked. PERIOD! Actually, no one who has handled classified information in any advanced country has unclarity in this matter. In fact, Wallace plays the clip of Comey explaining this.

Listen to Becerra’s answer. What comes out of Becerra’s mouth was too much for this author.

I’m absolutely incredulous. First of all, Comey announces that, basically, no matter that Clinton is guilty as sin, she will not be prosecuted like everyone else, including Edward Snowden and Chelsey Manning. One has fled to Russia and the other is in jail. Then comes Becerra and negates the rules that Comey himself states clearly, and he does so within seconds of hearing Comey’s words. What an absolutely vivid demonstration that liberal people are deaf to fact, even when stated in words of one syllable by the head of the FBI. Incredible!

All of this tells me that we can forget about any pressure on the criminal infested ANC government of South Africa if Hillary Clinton should win the White House.

It also proves to me that none of these people have any clue what the security interests of their country are. If they do, then they certainly do not care about it.