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Many years ago, when I was 12 years old, I spent six weeks with my cousin in Colesberg in the dry interior of South Africa. One day, we went hunting for lizards on the rocky hill behind the Dutch Reformed church. Soon enough I saw the tail of a suspect disappear under a rock. I rushed forward and grabbed the little guy by the tail. I dug after it while holding the tail. And that is when it doubled back over my arm from under the rock in the form of a snake. I had a snake by the tail. Sometimes little lizards can turn into very big snakes indeed.


You ask what that story has to do with the unmarked dirt road turnoff in the middle of nowhere above? It looks much like the dry interior of South Africa. Well, keep reading, and all will become clear, and it will get to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the US Presidential election, and Vladimir Putin.

Hillary and the Snake

The story about the snake came to mind again after the US Vice-Presidential debate on 4 October 2016, when young Eric Trump (below), son of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, was interviewed by three CNN hosts. The three “Clinton National Network” people badgered him about his father’s taxes and possible business interests in Russia.  After roundly rejecting any suggestion that his father had assets or debts in Russia, the young man deftly turned the focus to what I have been waiting for for a very long time. He raised the matter (click on the photo) of Hillary Clinton and the payment of millions received by the Clinton Foundation from businessmen with links to Vladimir Putin. Of course, CNN ignored his question. How else? That is why they are the “Clinton National Network”.


If Donald Trump knows what he is doing, then this little lizard under the rock can turn into a very big snake indeed for Hillary Clinton. Trump just has to present a clear picture of the snake, because he already knows where the rock is that the snake is hiding under. If Americans were to actually understand the picture, they would be outraged against the infamous “Clinton Machine” and its abuse of its influence in Washington. One might well ask whether the influence of a future US Presidency has been put up for sale internationally by the Clintons.

The middle of nowhere

The picture below shows a satellite view of a mine at the end of a long dirt road in the area of the opening image of this article. That mine is owned by an organization responsible for nuclear weapons. “So what?“, you ask. Well, that organization is controlled by Vladimir Putin. There is nothing particularly odd about that either, since Russia has many mines. This is fine, until one realizes that the mine is situated some distance off the Black-and-Yellow Road.


OK, so you don’t know where that is. Well, it is not in Russia, nor in South Africa, but in the middle of nowhere southwest of Gillette in Wyoming, near where I took the opening image in 2005. The Yellow and Black Road is an old time highway in United States, now largely forgotten. The operation is known as the Willow Creek Mine and is located on the Christensen Ranch on an unmarked turnoff, just like the one in the picture. The mine is a major uranium source.

Now let us go to South Africa and the Manhattan Project that gave the United States the nuclear bomb.

South africa and Uranium One


Uranium One is a uranium mining company with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. It was created  from, among other building blocks, the South African Aflease Gold under Neal J. Froneman (left), who has a Bachelor’s degree from Wits University in Johannesburg. In English, his name is pronounced “Froh – nuh -munn”. His whole career has been in South African mining.

Uranium occurs naturally as a trace metal along with gold in South Africa. This is why the country supplied some of the uranium that was used in the Manhattan Project. South Africa has a long history in uranium production and Aflease also produced uranium.  The company merged with Canadian-listed Southern Cross Resources on 15 September 2005 to create SXR Uranium One with Froneman as CEO.

There is no problem with any of this. Froneman is a mining man with high international standing. Intelligent investor money tends to follow him.

Enter Bill Clinton

In 2007, Froneman’s Uranium One acquired a controlling interest in UrAsia Energy, a company owned by Vancouver based Clinton Foundation donor, Frank Giustra. Canadian mining magnate, Ian Telfer, originally the UrAsia chairman, stayed on as non-executive chairman of Uranium One with Neal Froneman as CEO. Giustra had made his name via his Lion’s Gate Entertainment movie company. One cannot really move around near our home without running into Lion’s Gate operations. Giustra had since sold that venture, and was now interested in mining.

Back in 2005, Bill Clinton and Giustra had jointly visited Almaty in Kazakhstan (below) to meet with president Nursultan Nazarbayev, the leader of that country since 1989. He had originally been the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.


In the aftermath of the visit, UrAsia had acquired major uranium holdings in Kazakhstan and a few months later Bill Clinton had been rewarded with a $31.3M donation from Giustra to his Clinton Foundation. Now, in 2007, Uranium One controlled much of the uranium reserves of Kazakhstan and Clinton had in effect “blessed” an oppressive master in president Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan.

Froneman points the way

Uranium One by now had started buying up major tranches of uranium assets in the United States. A report dated 4 June 2007 stated that Uranium One was acquiring or had acquired uranium assets in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Oregon. Neal Froneman announced that his latest acquisition in the United States would,

…create a powerhouse in the United States uranium sector with the potential to become the domestic supplier of choice for US utilities.

Enter Vladimir Putin

A few moths later, in December 2007, Vladimir Putin of Russia signed into law an act of the Russian Parliament by which the old Ministry of Nuclear Engineering and Industry of the USSR was recast as a Russian State Corporation. It was given the name Rosatom. The Ministry already had responsibility for, among other things, Russian nuclear weapons. Most conveniently, it was also responsible for nuclear power generation. It certainly seems to build a lot of reactors (below). Rosatom has 44 under construction, 36 of them outside Russia. (See page 40 of the report in the link)


Interesting timing on Putin’s part, eh?

Exit Froneman

In February 2008, Neal Froneman, an exceptional business leader, left Uranium One to focus on the company Gold One. That operation is funded by “Red” Chinese money and its leadership has a number of mainland China individuals as directors. The ANC government of South Africa, with its multitude of Communist Party members, has since become infatuated with Communist China, seeing it as an example for South Africa. The thought is terrifying, to say the least.

This is what happens when the US ignores consequences in places where it interferes politically, such as Iraq and Libya, and of course South Africa. The country was given on a silver platter to the Communist dominated ANC on Bill Clinton’s watch in 1994, “to the sound of heavenly violins and angel song”. All one had to do was mumble the word “Mandela” and starstruck American Liberals would veritably “swoon”. Now it is a complete mess with a corrupt animist and bigamist president and a tourist industry on the side to woo gullible rich Westerners who do not ask questions.

Hillary Clinton does the “Russian Reset”

In March 2008, immediately after the departure of Froneman, chairman Ian Telfer’s family foundation pledged a donation of $3M to the Clinton Foundation. It seems Telfer and Clinton were “foundationing” together. Is that a word?

Soon after, in June 2008, Vladimir Putin’s Rosatom started negotiating to buy into Uranium One.

clintonlavrovOn January 29, 2009, Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of US ex-president Bill Clinton, assumed office as the 67th United States Secretary of State. One of her “initiatives” was the so-called “Russian reset”, a doomed attempt to improve relations with Russia. The infantile handing (left) of a physical “reset button” to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has come to symbolize this policy disaster. It bore the English word “Reset”, but the Cyrillic translation on the button was botched and turned out to mean “Overload”.

As the saying goes, “You can’t make up this stuff“. That was about as ignorant as Britain’s Gordon Brown handing Obama, a man with zero slave ancestry, a piece of wood from a 19th century British anti-slaving ship. It is much more likely that Obama’s ancestors were, in fact, slavers themselves.

In June 2009, Rosatom bought 17% of Uranium One. However, this was hardly in keeping with Russia’s appetite for nuclear materials. Rosatom wanted a controlling share in Uranium One. The problem was, Hillary Clinton’s State Department  would have to approve Putin’s uranium mining acquisition dreams.  And Hillary served on the relevant Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

And this was when the REAL fun started.

Money greases all wheels

Meanwhile, “back at the (Wyoming) ranch”, in August 2009, Uranium One bought Malco, which owned several uranium resources in the Powder River Valley of Wyoming, including the major Willow Creek operation described above. By now Uranium One had command of some 20% of US uranium resources.

According to the New York Times, Uranium One and former UrAsia investors made $8.65 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation between 2008 and 2010. Uranium One investors would stand to profit on a deal with Rosatom.

On 9 June 2010 World Nuclear News announced that Rosatom and Uranium One had signed an agreement that would give Rosatom a 51% controlling share in Uranium One. The agreement was subject to clearance by the US Committee on Foreign Investment; Hillary’s Committee.

A mere ten days later, on 29 June 2010, Bill Clinton received a fee of $500,000 for a speech to Renaissance Capital, a Moscow bank with ties to the Kremlin. According to the Wall Street Journal, Clinton received a personal thank you call from (then) Prime Minister Putin.

In October 2010 Hillary’s Committee on Foreign Investment approved the majority shareholding by Putin’s Rosatom. Canadian Tax records reportedly show that  Telfer gave the Clinton Foundation $2.4 million more from 2009 to 2012. Additional millions in donations were reportedly given around this time by other people with ties to Uranium One.


Somehow the picture above of Bill Clinton meeting with Putin that year seems to sum up the situation perfectly. The man on the left appears to be having fun while the man on the right is sizing him up as a good chess master should.

 The Chess Game

Putin’s final chess move came on 14 January 2013 when World Nuclear News reported that Rosatom planned to acquire the remaining shares of Uranium One and to delist it, contrary to the original arrangement with the US State Department. That meant total control for Putin over the company without the “pesky interference” of any public shareholders. The game was complete. Putin had won….. yet again.

Hillary left office on 1 February, 2013 at the end of Obama’s first term, and Putin now controls one in every five tons of uranium reserves in the United States. Clever, eh? I wonder if Bill Clinton is still laughing.

Now, about that “snake under the rock”…… will Trump use it?

And in South Africa?

Rosatom is angling to build up to ten reactors in South Africa for the country’s president, Jacob Zuma. By now every sentient being in South Africa believes that it is nothing more than yet another scam by Zuma to siphon off 10% of all taxpayer money paid for such reactors and to squirrel that money away in the coffers of his ANC party.

And in Russia?

And, as ordinary South Africans suffer in a country that has been turned into a joke by Zuma, and Americans focus on childish nonsense,  Rosatom head, Sergey Kiriyenko, meets regularly with his boss (below), as shown by none other than the Kremlin website.


This very week Kiriyenko was promoted to the position of First Deputy Head of the Presidential Office of the Federation of Russia.

I wonder whether American voters are getting the picture yet? They seriously need to come to grips with their position in the world, instead of focusing on Donald Trump’s vulgar lockerroom talk from ten years ago.

One cannot but take one’s hat off to Putin. But it would be most helpful if the West had a leader to match his intellect, insight, and ability. I don’t care whether the candidate leader secretly practised loutish locker room talk eleven years ago. As long as he shows respect for the Office the President of the United States, his wife can sort him out if she is worth her salt.

— Harry Booyens