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So, Donald Trump (below) has won the US presidency. Not just that, but riding on his coat tails, the Republicans retained both the House and Senate. They are now in an immensely powerful position.

I now refer readers to my post of May in which I concluded with: “Ordinary adult American men are mad as hell at what Barack Obama has done with their country, there are awfully many of them, and they talk to their wives.” :

featured_victoryCBS has provided some exit polling data on this momentous election.

  1. The ladies did NOT turn out for Hillary as all predicted, non-college educated ladies turning out 2:1 in favour of Trump; and
  2. White males voted in overwhelming numbers for Trump (63% vs 31%), and amazingly
  3. Trump beat Clinton among white women 53% percent to 43%…. in line with what I warned above.

My words were all based on the fact that I had never seen ordinary working American males as angry in my entire life. It was also clear to me that Hillary never understood the battle she was in; she had the plan of the battlefield completely wrong. She was comprehensively outflanked—possibly blindsided in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michingan—as a consequence. If John Podesta, her campaign manager, had read my article above, their campaign would have looked completely different. He would have realised her weakness in the Rust Belt. Trump has now completely redesigned the political map of the USA, and, in fact, the Republican Party.

The Real America truly spoke loudly for the first time in my life.

I should like to believe that Donald Trump will make the best president the United States has ever had, but that is a very tall order. He faces enormous challenges, but it is time for the US to stop emasculating itself. This is a time for leaders among men, not a time to “break the glass ceiling”. Americans can always do that later when they have restored their country. Right now they need to build business and jobs and restore their position in the world. It will take an enormous effort to fix the damage Obama has done to a once proud nation. One American friend told me in mid 2015, “Obama hates America”.

America behaved stupidly in 2008 when, faced with the greatest economic calamity since the Great Depression, they elected to overdose on Social Engineering by electing Obama in a fit of liberal guilt about slavery. They should have nominated and elected a solid businessman to build the economy. The price tag for that infantile self-indulgence has been absolutely staggering. It destroyed their international standing and doubled their national debt. Obama added more to the national debt than all US presidents in history together.

Let us hope this gives us back the United States that won WWII, a leader among countries and an inspiration for us all rather than the pathetic and frustrating embarrassment of the past 8 years. As a man who lost his once proud Western Christian country, South Africa, to the Communist terrorist forces supported by Bill and Hillary Clinton and the liberal people around them, I confess I rejoice in this event.