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So, let me see if I have this right. Liberal Americans piled onto white South Africans in the 1980s, implementing Comprehensive Sanctions until the white South Africans, threatened with their lives on all sides, were forced to their knees. They were told to submit to the American “Holy Grail” of Multiracial Democracy, or be destroyed.

In the end, elections were held in 1994 and the white South Africans had to submit to the dictates of a Communist controlled terrorist organization that had bombed them and killed them for years; all this in the name of the concept of “Multiracial Democracy”. The minority white population stoically accepted matters and tried to make the country work. Today, they are threatened daily with being extinguished or their legitimate property taken from them. They are formally discriminated against BY LAW in the country, their existence and all their institutions, their culture, and even their history are under threat.

Now, on 8 November 2016, America holds an election, watched by all the world. The liberal folks lose the election in the glaring spotlight of the entire world. Now it is the turn of the rest of the world to see how liberal Americans handle TEMPORARILY losing control of the presidency. The man elected as president has made some disparaging remarks about people who enter his country illegally. Factually he is correct, because several illegal Mexican immigrants have turned out to be rapists and have killed regular legitimate American citizens. The fact that there is an immigration problem is comprehensively beyond dispute. The debate should be what to do about it, and not about whether the problem is real.

featured_voteHow do these liberal people handle the situation. Oh dearie, dearie me. They are in the streets, jumping on cars and burning people’s property. Apparently, if one is liberal, then one does not have to respect Democracy. If you are liberal, you may destroy people’s property. You may jump on Police cars. You may burn the winner of the election in effigy, wave the flag of another country, and  burn the flag of your own country. As I write this, the situation in Portland has got out of hand and Police are calling it “a riot”.

Those liberals not in the streets have descended into a blue funk in which they exaggerate everything, the media joining the infantile hair-rending lament. They have checked their eligibility for emigration to Canada in such numbers that the Canadian Government Immigration website overloaded and crashed. It seems they prefer to come and wait three months for a CAT-scan in Canada and to line up at clinics for lack of enough family doctors. Perhaps they are going to learn to make belts and live in plastic-covered shelters in the bush west of Victoria.

Meanwhile, if you are white in South Africa, you should just die or leave the country where you have had a bloodline since the 1650s, centuries longer than illegal Mexican immigrants to the United States.

Thank you for the clarity, liberal America; we now have your number. The lesson is clear. Democracy is only acceptable when liberals win elections. Thank you so much for making this clear to the rest of the world. I’m sure this clarity is useful to every left-leaning despot “out there”. Remind me that next time you try to sell me Democracy, I should treat you like a telemarketer from Mumbai selling snake oil.

I would like to know one thing though, where exactly are the “Safe Spaces” for White South Africans. Do you think they are at the Universities taken over by masses of Black students protesting for free university education and who are torching those universities? Where should the farmers hide who are being murdered in droves because of your solution forced on South Africa. I beg you make this clear, because I’d like to tell my family, citizens of South Africa, where in that country to hide from the government that assures them daily that they should consider themselves threatened in their own country.

Did I miss something here? Err, you DO claim to be the Home of Democracy, or do I have that wrong? Just checking.

The reason thousands are in the streets, is because the haplessly left leaning media, including specifically CNN, went into a mindless unbalanced frenzy during the election and spent every waking moment painting the successful Trump into Lucifer himself. Now the country is the victim of their design. They drank their own Kool-Aid, and now they collectively have the runs.

Please explain your way out of this one; I’m all ears. Perhaps you could tell me that you’re sorry, and that you just need to get a drink of cold water and that you’ll calm down and grow up…. eventually.

But, I trust you understand what this looks like?

Thank you for your “lesson in Civics”. And may I respectfully ask that you understand my anger and dismay at this situation.