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As a man born in South Africa who saw his country fed to the wolves by Democrat White Houses and Congresses in the USA, I openly state my overwhelming joy at the massive win of the Republicans over the Democrats in the 8 November 2016 election. I certainly predicted the Trump win and explained why it would be so, but even I did not anticipate just how dramatic the victory would be.

How did I first realize the depth of the resentment of Americans against their ruler? Easy! To explain, I have to go back to middle 2015 on a river boat on the Rhine in Germany (below – Miltenberg with our boat moored).

On the River Boat (June 2015)

The vast majority of passengers are Americans, with a small contingent of Canadians and even smaller contingent of Australians. When one counts the South African expatriates among the Australians and Canadians, they make up the third largest group on the boat. Admittedly this is not a representative sample of the United States population. US folks struggling with their jobs and mortgages do not typically get onto fancy river boats in Europe. Then again, like us, many had saved like crazy in order to be able to do it once in their lives.

miltenberg_viewFor two weeks, every single meal with guests we have not met before starts as follows:
“Where are you from?”…. “Canada!
“Your accent is not Canadian!”…. “No! It’s South African. We were born there“.
“What do you think of Obama?”……. “(Sigh)“.
I swear, that’s exactly how it went. Every single time. It drove us nuts.

As I’m focusing on my dinner, the lady next to me leans over and whispers conspiratorially in my ear, “He hates America!” She is talking about President Barack Obama.”I don’t care where he was born; he’s not really an American, you know!

I’m not sure how exactly to respond, but I’m not going to get drawn. She’s a pig-farmer from Virginia and has no qualms about expressing her opinions. Some others are a tad more circumspect, but the resentment against their president is palpable. Actually, it is intense beyond anything I have ever seen. These people hate what he has done to their country and they are at their wits’ end with him.

When the meal finishes and we walk back to our stateroom, I stop to speak to a Democrat from New Hampshire, the “Granite State” and the first to vote in election primaries. He’s a very likable gentleman and we have already had a number of interesting conversations. I tell him,”You know, your countrymen seem ready to hang your president from the yardarm. To be honest, I don’t like the man, but this is so intense that I feel almost obliged to defend him.”

My friend stops dead on the stairs, turns to me, bends down to whisper in my ear [he is very tall], and says:

You do that and they’ll string you up as well.

Now add to the above endless e-mails from friends in the United States who made their unhappiness vividly clear. However, perhaps one had to specifically NOT be an American to see this coming.

Fast forward to 8 November 2016 – The Red Flood

Not only did Trump obliterate the Democrats’ so-called “Blue Wall” stretching solidly from Virginia on the East Coast to Minnesota on the Canadian border, but he has pretty much redefined the Democrats as a regional party with a caucus now having one third of its members from only three coastal states, being Massachusetts, New York, and California.

When one looks at the presidential race only, one finds that the country has been turned into a sea of Republican red counties (click on the map below), with blue Democrat sections in the East (The “Bicycle State” of Vermont, Massachusetts, urban New England, the Greater New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Baltimore) and on the West Coast, a smattering of counties in the so-called “Black Belt” of the Old “Plantation” South, plus the extended “Mexican” Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Add to this a few odd blue patches in the interior, typically around bigger cities such as Chicago and Detroit with their large Black populations, as well as Madison and Minneapolis. One oddity is Colorado, which is flirting with turning itself into California, mostly based on students. But, look at New York outside the City. It is largely blood-red. That is precisely in keeping with the regular folks I met in “Upstate New York” in the past.

The big blue patch in northern Minnesota is historically the Socialist Corner of the USA, particularly Cook county. No Republican has won in next door St Louis county (the largest) since 1928. The best performance to date has been Trump with 40%. That took some doing.

2016_us-pres_elect_countybDo not be fooled by the large blue patches in the southwest of the country. Those counties are massive in size and most of the Democrats are confined to large towns. In Arizona, the blue patch in the south is Pima county with its one third Hispanic population and the blue patches in the north are Coconino county with its one third American Indian population (four different nations) and Apache county in the east with a 73% Indian population. The influence of the Democrat-voting Indian population may be seen on the map below, in which counties with majority Indian populations are shown in red and those with a plurality Indian population are orange. For example, in Montana, the big blue patch in the south of the map above is Big Horn county with its majority Crow Nation population, in red below.

usa_indianKeep in mind, the retirement havens of New Mexico and Arizona have lots of liberal (read “Democrat”) ex-New Yorkers seeking heat, much like one sees with the blue patch at the bottom of Florida in and around Miami, which might as well be called New York South. A plurality of the so-called “Hispanics” in Florida are expatriate Cubans—first and second generation—who have no love for Leftists. Senator Marco Rubio, a leading Republican, is very representative of this community. The further north one goes in Florida, the more classic “Southern” it becomes.

The bigger blue patch in Nevada is Las Vegas. The bigger patches in Oregon are the Far Left Liberal Portland and Eugene, both seen as Loony Left “student” enclaves. I’ve been there, and, YES, this is the world of “Safe Spaces” and the like. Yet, it was along the Oregon coast that I found an angry old-timer earlier in 2016, expounding on the virtues of Hitler to other folks in a restaurant.

The point is, with the exception of Elitist Vermont, the Kennedy’s Massachusetts, Rich Man’s Connecticut, and parts of Crazy California, the Republicans have almost completely swept non-Mexican non-Indian Rural America.

Democrats have a habit of referring to the centre of the United States as “Fly-over country”. That condescension has cost them the election, because they have pretty much been booted out of “Fly-over country”. They have been so busy making special cases out of the 12% Black population, 11-odd million illegal Mexican immigrants, Muslims, and unmarried women, mostly congregated in the cities, that they have completely forgotten the vast body of White people of the country. If anything, they have acted as the enemy of ordinary White folks in the country, and those folks had had enough. The Democrats also did not seem to care about those ordinary decent non-flag burning Black folks who actually work for a living. They branded conservative Black people traitors and “Uncle Toms”.

To get some idea of the feelings of regular Americans from, say, Montana, listen to Dirk Benedict of A-team fame decribe how he, born and raised in that state, has experienced America in recent times and his reaction to the Trump win. See also THIS from the same Greg Gutfeld Show, related to the student reaction to the Trump win. If you don’t like the folks from “Cowboy” Montana after those two clips, then you probably need therapy.

November 8, 2016 – a poetic view

On the day of the election, in my poetic view, the ordinary working Americans who had built the country came to vote….

They came from the mountains, they came from the forests, and they came from their farms, their haystacks, their cornfields, and their workshops. They came on foot and with their tractors, their flatbed trucks; their night wagons if they had to. They drove, they walked, they crawled. They struggled along with their canes, their walkers, and their crutches. But they came. And they came in their millions from the forgotten rural America and from its broken and crumbling factorylands and its forcibly closed mines. And they came for the man who had finally heard their call about their country and their predicament. And they came to teach Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats a lesson. They came to deliver the loudest political message ever.

To quote Michael Moore (below), they came to deliver the “biggest FU in human history“. He had warned about exactly this. In fact, Bill Clinton had warned, but he was laughed at. His wife was too busy clinging politically to Obama.


The Media

The above was also reflected in the Media. Any viewer of the unfortunate American version of CNN could see that the channel was ganging up on White folks and the Police. I have openly accused them of being the NAACP channel and the Voice of Black Lives Matter. The ordinary white “working stiffs” got zero attention, other than to be called “stupid” and “racist”. Yet, they were the real majority and they were going to teach the Democrats a lesson, and teach them they did.

These good folks also caused CNN to embarrass itself in public, when Hillary conceded the race before CNN could bring themselves to call the election for Trump. It was very funny watching host Jake Tapper’s face “melt” around his skull in the process. While John King was animatedly explaining that there were still votes to count somewhere on his Magic Wall, his separated wife Dana Bash, sitting a few feet away, announced with a shocked face (see below) that Hillary had conceded. Bash emitted the words as though she was announcing a death in the family. King’s own face looked like concrete that had run.

call_election While I really like John King, I openly confess I enjoyed it tremendously. I have had to wait years and years to see “America stick it to CNN.” The same election had shown up CNN as a conniving entity that had secretly slipped Hillary some debate questions. It obviously should not be allowed to host any future Presidential debates.

matthewsOn MSNBC, known popularly as “The Obama Tribute Channel”, Chris Matthews (left), who I have always called “The Daily Trumpet”, had a meltdown of his own, desperately fighting back tears. I would suggest this is what comes from liberal people practicing groupthink for most of their lifetimes. It has now been decades that they have shut up people who do not agree with them, and they have created a generation of liberal young people who hide in Safe Spaces when someone actually challenges their views. How utterly pathetic. For eight years they have behaved like an Obama Tribute Council. As I have stated elsewhere, they have drunk their own Kool-Aid and now have the runs. They have descended to believing their own BS. FoxNews stood quite alone in at least attempting to be objective. The rest did not even vaguely try.

There is no forgiveness for that phenomenon. The US Formal Media, the so-called American Fourth Estate, is a massive collective failure and a danger to the nation. It is not doing its job when a Democrat is in the White House, and it has finally caught up with them. The New York Times published a sort of Mea Culpa two days ago, but by this morning they were back to their bias. There is no such thing as fixing a lack of character or integrity.

The Result

When one checks the results by county one finds that, of the almost 700 counties that Obama won twice, Trump has converted 209—about 30%—to Republican. Of those that voted for the Republican Romney before, Clinton won only six. This is a staggering result.

An important result that has attracted less attention, is that Republicans have not only retained the Senate and the House of Representatives, but they have 36 of 50 state governorships. Of those 36 states they control both the governorship and the legislatures of 24 states. The Democrats can say that of only 6 states. Of the total of 99 different state legislative chambers in the various states, the Republicans control 69.

For this, the Democrats can thank Barack Obama, a man who preferred to have nothing to do with the Senate and House of Representatives and, like a medieval king, elected instead to rule by edict in order to force on a nation all that it disliked. The proof is in the blood-red Republican map of the United States. Instead of distancing herself from Obama, Clinton attempted to “extend his reign”. That was the real fundamental flaw. Her unsuitability as candidate was secondary; Trump, in his own way, was equally personally flawed as candidate. America was not buying the Obama line anymore. It had had quite enough, as pointed out before.

For the rest of the world

Perhaps now we can all expect a more rational and robust US Foreign Policy that actually has the interests of the West at heart. I never once had the impression that it was of any concern to Obama. He seemed more concerned with supporting Orange Revolutions left right and centre, until it reared up and bit him when the “Arab Spring” morphed into Fanatical Muslim Fundamentalism and ISIS. How that was not predictable staggers the intellect.

Trump is a pragmatist – no more spreading of Democracy to those who cannot handle it or abuse it to spread terrorism. And that is why I welcome his advent.