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Featured_Happel-BooyensOn 20 December 2016 Internet Radio Host Dan Happel held a multi-speaker presentation in which the contributors “delivered messages” to United States President Elect Donald Trump. The present author was one of the invited guests and elected to focus on US Foreign Policy and the US Media.

The event was hosted on Republic News Network and simulcasted on The American Republic Blog Talk Radio. Naturally, the President Elect was not really present, but it was a means to get a message out to roughly five million Americans. Some Trump Campaign folks do listen to these broadcasts. An excerpt covering only the author’s contribution is available HERE. The complete two-hour broadcast may be accessed HERE. The author’s contribution starts at exactly 1:14:51.

For those not familiar with media in the United States, it is important to understand that the power of Conservative Radio (as opposed to Liberal dominated TV and newspaper media) is immense. It permeates American kitchens and has led to President Obama lamenting in the past few days that Hillary Clinton lost the election due to “Fox News being in every bar”. He also mused that Rush Limbaugh has created a caricature of him on radio.

At the same time the credibility of the so-called “Mainstream Media” was practically destroyed by the election and their obvious failure to see the facts straight in front of their faces, along with their abject refusal to report on those facts. Regular Americans have practically “tuned out” the formal media and no longer trust it. They are wise to do so.

It is a New Day in America, and liberals are running scared. They have practically been run out of the US government. Somehow….suddenly… liberal Americans are in fear of Conservative Radio and the lonesome Conservative Fox News.  They should be; these two together constitute a serious force to reckon with. Obama flatly refused to deal with Fox and now see the result.

On 7 May 1940, in the British Parliament, Leo Amery delivered the final blow to the ineffectual Neville Chamberlain when he echoed Oliver Cromwell’s words in dissolving the Long Parliament. Those words now apply to the entire Liberal Establishment that has turned our Civilisation to rubbish since the 1960s:

You have sat here too long for any good you are doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!