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featured_obama_bibiOn 9 Jun 2002, this author was host to an Israeli high technology representative on a visit to Vancouver in Canada. While staring out over the Burrard Sound, I predicted for the visitor that the next Democratic Administration in the United States would “sell out Israel”. The warning was politely laughed off and I was told it would never ever happen. A decade-and-a-half later, the bulk of Israel’s Jewish population has come to share the view of the present author.

Against this personal background, the summary of my book AmaBhulu states, with reference to South Africa:

There is something inherently obscene about the West commending the destruction of its own first outer wall, even as it is preparing to sell out Israel, the guardian on its second outer wall. That country will soon be treated the same way the West treated “the Second America,” and it will be morally assailed by the media.

These words by the present author were written well before President Barack Obama (above left) demonstrated vividly to all with intelligence that he considered Israel a greater burden on his presidency than Iran, as proven by the infamous “Iran Nuclear Deal”. It is also borne out by his damaging negative campaign against Israel from the very day he assumed office. In fact, my warning to the Israeli visitor was issued long before any ordinary Americans had heard of this creature called Barack Obama. The author’s logic was based on a study of the US Democrats over a period of some 40 years and their consistent slither to the Left of spectrum.

At the UN

This past week, in backing the UN resolution against Israel, Obama finally irrevocably crossed the line and demonstrated why he is, and has been from the beginning, an enemy of Western Civilization. He revealed his true colors for all to see in public. Israel’s leader, Bibi Netanyahu (above right) has reacted with fury, and with great justification. Listen carefully to Ben Rhodes in this second clip above. Rhodes has always been the brain behind Obama’s foreign policy disasters. He is infinitely far more than a speech writer.

Rhodes is born of a New York Jewish mother. I wonder how he faces her. I wonder how she faces her friends. Ben is brother to the president of CBS News.

To understand the implications of Obama’s action, listen to the statement by highly respected syndicated columnist and converted liberal, Charles Krauthammer.

Not satisfied with dancing on the grave of South Africa, Obama has finally assailed Israel, just as I have predicted. It remains a mystery to me how Americans by the millions could not see this coming. If I had my way, I’d get every single American to google one word: Uhuru. Once they “get it”, I’d want to know what they were thinking in 2008 when they elected the man. This includes my dearest American friends who told me at the time not to worry and that “American presidents always shift to the middle!

Yeah, right! …… [end of sarcasm]

I guess that’s why he wrote a book about his Uhuru era father from Kenya and not about his American mother from Kansas. [real end of sarcasm, and I know Americans do not like sarcasm]

His first ever public speech was an Anti-South African one at Occidental College in Los Angeles in the very early 1980s. It is recorded that this Anti-South African campaign inspired him. It is over this period that his name changed back from the popular “Barry” to “Barack”.

Israel was going to have to wait. But he has finally got to it after eight years. But the hint was there all along. When he went on his 2009 apology tour to the Middle East, he emphasized the “Hussein” in the middle. Now folks want to tell me they did not see it coming. Really!?

Harry Booyens