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Interest from Interesting Places

almatyIt is fascinating to see where this blog is read and what searches sometimes lead people to the site. I suspect we have some ex-South African readers involved in either the uranium mining business or in Space launches, because Kazakhstan (Almaty above) surfaces repeatedly on the list. Those are the two things that come to mind around that country, apart from visits by Bill Clinton as part of the process that would eventually lead to Putin controlling 20% of US uranium reserves and the Clinton Foundation “mystically” getting money in return.

Interest from Interesting Political Circles

One search phrase that surfaces routinely is obviously based on an effort by Democrats upset at Donald Trump winning the Presidency and painting the country red, practically from coast to coast. They have been reduced to clinging desperately to the two US coastlines and few cities in the interior, along with some districts in the 19th century Plantation country and a blob in the Northeast.

The search phrase in question is:

Donald Trump born in South Africa

Now, I have several good friends who are American Democrats, and I’m 100% sure they would never behave this silly. However, the degree of mental anguish the Far Left of that Party is experiencing in their first ever meeting with democratic reality is so intense, that they are thoroughly capable of anything. For many, the recent election was their first; in some cases their second. The over-protected University/College snowflakes are furtively trying to escape their “safe spaces” to protest loudly in the streets (below). The fact that their mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts have defeated them at the ballot box must be tough to swallow. Maybe grown-ups just know better. The kids; not so much.  I do so love playing THIS clip. That one’s mother has a problem, not to mention her future husband…err, if any.


Perhaps one should have sympathy. When Obama got into office, they looked more or less like these very nice and innocent kids below; perfectly decent candidates for the US game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. But they have not known anything else since then.


They are now bigger and hairier and at least 8 years older, but they have not yet grown up. No wonder the distraught young lady screamed her head off.

Poor little things; Democracy is tough. I should know; in 1994 in South Africa I had to submit to a government of which the members believe in witchdoctors. And it was folks like the children above who forced it on us.

So, I should like to invite those Far Left folks who have landed on this blog via the above crazy search to read a couple of the posts here and meet the ACTUAL reality of the world they are trying so desperately to avoid. They could try THIS post, for example. In doing that they would be getting much further than to try and suggest their duly elected president—repeat PRESIDENT—was born in Cape Town. He is most certainly not secretly a “South African racist” merely because he is white and has red-blonde hair, though those are definitely traits of South African whites. These are also the traits of Caucasians all over Northwest Europe and, by the way, North America.

Since I am active in genealogy, it might be fascinating to actually investigate the Trump family tree back to the 1660s. After all, my wife’s family has roots in the New York of 1660 (below).


Interest from Left leaning Media

I even had a leftist media outlet contact me with a view to extracting from me any possible statement that might connect Trump in any way to South Africa; this in a transparent attempt to label Trump a racist. The reporter apparently did not realise that we South African born folks are at least nominally intelligent and thoroughly aware of our “political tarnish value” in Left Leaning circles. Fortunately, regular Americans are rather more thoughtful and actually know we are perfectly decent ordinary Christian folks who have already been sold down the river by the US Democrats, much like Obama was attempting to do to Israel.

My black-on-white written response (forgive the pun) to the reporter was,

I think any effort to tie Trump to a race issue is bluntly infantile. That is simply the Democrats being sore losers in the face of reality. Their entire thesis for America has been rejected by the ordinary hard-working people of America. Folks have clearly had enough. Obama has tried too hard to turn America into South Africa where a few working stiffs have to carry the whole country while the majority clamours for benefits and the political elite siphons the state coffers.  If Americans want to see the bullet they dodged, they can go visit South Africa.

This is not a matter of race. It is a matter of maths…. True in both countries.

The approach went quiet. What else?

What will Democrats try next? Pray tell.

And, NO, I  refuse to link to ridiculous websites that propose nonsense about Trump being born in South Africa. Readers here are thoroughly capable of finding those for themselves.

Harry Booyens