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featured_trump_zumaCalling Darkest Africa –

This morning, around 8:30, Pacific Time, President Trump of the United States thought it wise to tarnish himself by communicating with one of the worst leaders this planet has in power at this time. His name is Jacob Zuma and he is an animist bigamist tribal creature who lords it over South Africa without the vaguest kernel of insight, morality, or ability. There is an Afrikaans proverb that translates as “If you consort with the bran, the swine will eat you.” It represents a well founded principle which I am sure the President’s own mother explained to him before he went to high school (secondary school).

Six Hundred Companies-

Apparently the two men discussed the 600 American companies in South Africa. And there I was hoping Trump might ask Zuma to explain why he is dancing around singing songs about killing white people and why white “Presbyterian” Christian farmers, much like Trump himself, are being killed like flies in consequence. Perhaps Pres. Trump should check whether any of the 600 companies has bribed Zuma.

If the President of the United States wanted to know what the ordinary people on the ground in South Africa think of this man, he could simply watch the CNN article in THIS LINK. Then again, perhaps Pres. Trump does not believe CNN, with good reason. In that case he could check any number of reports from South Africa.

If that fails to correct his understanding, he might want to consult court records in that troubled country.  There have been literally hundreds of charges against that man. If THAT is too much trouble, he could watch the first few seconds of THIS clip. While the author has nothing in common with the woman in the clip, he cannot disagree on any reasonable basis with what she is saying.

The ANC Government-

Zuma and his ANC government have foisted themselves on South Africa like a tapeworm in the gut of an innocent child; like a tick on a cow; a parasite by any description of the word. At best they resemble a strangler fig.  They suck dry whatever they touch .They have made the once proud Christian country part of the Iranian family of countries. They have created a culture of total corruption.

Perhaps Trump should go and give his researchers a slap in the head and tell them to wake up and smell the roses. If Trump is so good at negotiation, why did it not occur to him to let Zuma sweat before communicating? That corrupt village tyrant is scared, and Trump just let him off the hook…….. Anyway, does he really think that the US is going to improve its economy by currying favor with the corrupt government of a country that has a GDP hardly equalling 2% of that of the USA? Wait until he realizes that the ANC tries to scam 10% off any deal that is made internationally.

In a spirit of being helpful… Mr President…. might I ask your staff to at least read THIS. As to what Chancellor House is: Here they speak for themselves; here is the Wikipedia article; and here is the respected  Martin Meredith on the subject.

Surely a man of your accomplishment must realize that something is smelling to high heaven here, Mr. President. To quote Meredith:

ANC leaders treated the public sector as a spoils system. They set up a secret network of front companies, called the Chancellor House Group, to acquire state contracts in order to channel funds back to the party. By 2007, the party’s investments had risen to 1.75 billion rands, much of it funded through such practices. The objective was to ensure that the ANC elite had the means to entrench themselves in power forever or, as Jacob Zuma put it memorably, ‘until Jesus comes back’.


Tread Carefully-

Tread carefully Mr. President, for the “Little Guy” and the “Middle Class” are watching. They are wondering whether “America First” means “Kill the South African Whites and screw the ordinary Blacks

Perhaps what you should have done instead, Mr. President, is to grant preferred immigrant/refugee status to the threatened White Christians of South Africa. That would be in keeping with what you have  suggested for Christians in the Middle East….. after your much debated 90-day moratorium, that is. Oh, I forget! So Sorry! We’re White Presbyterian/Dutch Reformed Christians—your historical cousins—and therefore my family does not count; they should just wait to be murdered. How could I forget. Silly me! [end sarcasm]

— Harry Booyens