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—The Suidlander civil defence organization of South Africa is quite wisely preparing for a nightmare in South Africa. I do not share their deep belief in the prophecies of Siener van Rensburg, their parochial use of the word “Boer”, or their idea that the “Boerevolk” was born at Blood River in the few days leading up to 16 December 1838. Given that I am in fact a Geloftebaba (Child of the Vow, born on 16 December), I take some interest in such matters. However, I have considered their anticipated nightmare inevitable ever since Thabo Mbeki took over the reins of the country from Nelson Mandela around 1997, three years before his actual inauguration as president. In the environment in which I found myself in South Africa the threats were rather vivid. One had to be deaf, dumb and blind not to be able to predict what would happen.


A mere three years later, overt threats were made to me face to face in the workplace by ANC Political Officers. These creatures clearly held sway over the top management of the organization, although they “moved in the shadows”. For clarity on this, read AmaBhulu. If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, you are sadly in need of education on the subject of Communist practice and doctrine.

I would like to make it clear that I believe these folks are correct to prepare for the worst, because much of urban White South Africa appears to living in some sort of state of denial. I do not think focusing on rugby and braaivleis (barbecue) is going to make the problems go away. I believe some of them to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

So, SOMEONE, has to be planning for the worst, and, beyond Solidariteit (a trade union body) and Afriforum (a farmers’ union), the Suidlanders are the onlyorganized group at all that I see out there actually doing something. Most seem to just curse at the ANC and then have a beer or go have a break from the stress in the Kruger National Park. Others just descend into the oblivion of the white squatter camps. Looking at all of this from faraway Canada, is like watching a flock of lamb walk itself to the slaughter.

In 2015, Alex Newman, a freelance reporter for the New American, wrote a glowing review of my book AmaBhulu. He has now addressed the efforts of the Suidlanders quite sympathetically. In the process, he has also contacted this author for comment and to introduce the Suidlanders to me and vice versa. His latest article, published today, is all about the Suidlander effort and their proposed visit to the United States to seek support. It also covers the views of this present author on the subject.

I shall summarize my standard advice here for South Africans:

  1. Move west or emigrate;
  2. Those who move west should join forces politically with the Coloured population of the West Cape who share their language and basic values; and
  3. Understand that indigenous Black people have no historic, political, or cultural claim to the West of South Africa. Their history lies north and east of the border that Governor van Plettenberg drew in 1778, and they never had a presence in the south or west of the Free State, nor west of the Korannaberg outside Kruruman. Even the Ba’Rolong of Thaba’nchu are 1800s Ba’Tswana immigrants from the old West Transvaal.

Harry Booyens