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— On 24 February 2017 I posted an article under the title The Real Face of South Africa. In it, I referred to the Howarth family of Dullstroom who were tortured and shot by their attackers. Sue Howarth, a British citizen, died as a result. As one might imagine, this raised some interest in Britain, where they are slowly coming out of their liberal coma; at least enough to have voted for Brexit. Perhaps that is an indication that they are getting their general socio-political brains back, which had certainly deserted them for some decades. Perhaps these events make it clear to Britons what “foreigners” are capable of.


Three of five men arrested in connection with the attack, torture and murder of the Howarths appeared in Court earlier this week. Given that this is but one of 30 farm attacks in February 2017, the police have some way to go. Of course, this would be the same government body that refuses to make public the statistics of farms attacks in South Africa. The lack of faith on the part of the farmers will therefore be understood. After all, this is the same goverment that disarmed them so that they could more easly be tortured and killed; all because they are white. Perhaps Americans who view their Second Amendment as a problem should take note.

Blaming Apartheid

The question this author has, is why it is that Black South Africans immediately try to haul out apartheid policies of more than a quarter century ago to try and defend these torture murders? Let me make this clear: The average age at which a woman first gives birth in South Africa is 22.5. If that woman was an innocent ten-year-old when Mandela walked out of his cozy Victor Verster “jail” with its personal pool and its dedicated personal White Afrikaner cook—read it in his own hand in his book—, then she had her first child in 2002 when his ANC government passed the racist discriminatory Black Economic Empowerment laws. That child is now 15 years old  and, having lived with 5 years of indoctrination by that post-apartheid and entitlement-addled mother, he is now ready to take to the streets and burn the country down. It is therefore actually that child’s GRANDparents who managed living with apartheid. I am pretty sure they would not approve of what is now happening in that country. I’m also sure they would not blame apartheid; they would blame the quarter-century old government that has all the power to do something about this nightmare, but has instead elected to disarm these farmers.

And the young accused?

Now return to that image above and estimate the age of the accused on the left. He looks as though he is in his early twenties. He was likely not even born yet when apartheid was written out of the statute books in 1990. How on Earth can his actions be attributed to apartheid? One might as well attribute Global Warming to that policy, and given its predeliction for blaming its own mistakes on apartheid, I am sure the African National Congress in fact does think that changes in climate are due to the policy from a quarter century ago.

It is ironic indeed that left-leaning Americans would attribute this kind of incitement to Donald Trump, when they have but to read these posts to see what it actually looks like when Western Christians are tortured and murdered due to a Government that targets and threatens them, and a president who actually REALLY DOES sing about killing white people. How can folks be surprised when ANC supporters then DO go out and torture and kill farmers?

So, is it Apartheid, or is it just the savage bloodlust?

Amnesty International

It is reported that a British friend of the Howarth family plans to plead the case of South African farmers with Amnesty International, an organization that is habitually quiet when Caucasian South African Christians are the suffering party.

AmaCover2Amnesty International is part of the Western Liberal Hegemon that has decided to pay for its own guilty conscience with the lives of the white South African farmers. These Liberals are merely impatient for all white South Africans to die out so they don’t get sidetracked from their myopic view of the world in which we live; a world in which they believe only white people do evil. In South Africa we have lived under the yoke of that collective warped  Liberal Guilt Psychosis ever since the London Missionary Society arrived in 1800. It is the reason for the country having the borders it has; it is the reason for the country having the problems it has; it is one of the embodiments of the evil that stalks the West as a whole. These are people who believed in the warped concept of “The Noble Savage”. Most never met a “savage”. If found guilty—I still believe in “innocent until proven guilty”— that would be the “Savage Nobility” in the picture above.

As a nation, the Caucasian Christian Afrikaner has suffered this warped philosophy and the role of Whipping Boy for the sins of the West ever since the end of the first decade of the 1800s. It is ever so useful to liberal people in the West to have such a whipping boy available, suitably far enough away from their own backyards.

For those too liberal and “enlightened” to know the meaning of the term, Google “Whipping Boy“. Remember to put it in quotes. Unlike the real whipping boys, we have never experienced an upside to the role.

Read it all in AmaBhulu.

Harry Booyens