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It would seem my words were semi-prophetic. In my most recent blog post (And still my people die, Mr. President) I suggested folks simply delete the CNN channel from their TVs. I appear to be in good company, because in an interview this week that I was unaware of at the time, President Trump said,

CNN has covered me unfairly and incorrectly and I don’t watch them anymore. A lot of people don’t watch them anymore, they’re now in third place.

I also suggested that he keeps his pressure on the media. Yesterday, a day later he unwittingly obliged me in this matter by launching an attack on the US Mainstream Media at his rally (below) in Harrisburg Pennsylvania; this when all the regular pundits thought it was time for him to make nice with the media.

I confess, I enjoyed every second of him launching into them [watch the little girl in the righthand foreground of the video]. Of course, CNN’s cameras were there to follow him. The Washington Press Correspondents Dinner, which he pointedly spurned on order to be in Harrisburg, turned out to be a pretty pathetic affair where they failed to laugh at themselves, and the best they could manage was, “We are not Fake News“.

Really!? That’s the best they’ve got!?

My response to them is, “The point is, you’re not news at all! You’re pure destructive bile with no real insight, no real licence to speak on behalf on anyone, and no solid demographic behind you. You’re just unfortunately there when my TV turns on. And you did that all to yourselves by twisting information and forcing your own biased and twisted views down decent people’s throats. And, unlike President Trump, you need to be reminded that no one had a chance to vote you in. You just presume authority like a cheap tyrant. No one wants to know what you think. They just want the news. Try doing your job. It might be a revelation even to you.

The media is clearly on unfamiliar ground. They’re not used to being under the looking glass. They actually do not understand their own country between DC and Berkeley at all. Nor do they comprehend in any way the audience that Mr Trump has, and it terrifies the living hell out of them. So it should. If these ordinary decent folks could find the “head” of the media snake they, would assuredly “rip it off” and the world would be a better place for it. If the media people do not understand why, then they can read the book AmaBhulu.

I guess I should explain to them, “Surprise! Surprise! Welcome to America! Welcome to the world of Wal-Mart, Ford F150, Dodge RAM, Remington, Country Music, and the long-suffering Americans who made America Great in the first place so you could prey on it like a leech.”

Or, as the three farmers at a diner in Saskatchewan [that would be Canada!] told me 10 years ago, “Why don’t you leave that fancy SUV of yours at home, come visit us with your F150, and help us shoot gophers“. I was an instant fan. I love those folks to death. I think I have known them all my life…. and I grew up in South Africa. They are normal human beings.

The media might understand better if they were to take another look at the movie “O brother where art thou” and the political workings of the 1930s. Just replace the Bluegrass music with New Country.

As to the Democratic Party, whose party emblem is the donkey, they find themselves in the same situation as their emblem in the image below. And the load on the back is the Liberal US Media, Obama, and the two Clintons.

— Harry Booyens