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On Thursday 29 June 2017, Dan Happel, host of the Internet Radio programme Connecting the Dots, interviewed Harry Booyens, author of AmaBhulu. The subject was “proper and improper parallels between the USA and South Africa”, and what the United States could learn from South Africa.

The  discussion touched on the remarkably similar histories of the two countries and their common origins; both started by the Dutch, both taken by the British, both fighting for their independence, both winning their first wars against Britain. In fact, South africa has been described as The Second America, a concept incorporated in the subtitle of the book AmaBhulu. The interview went on to look at parallels between the two countries in order to better clarify the damaging improper parallels that have been drawn between the two countries since around 1966, starting with the visit of the late Senator Robert Kennedy’s to South Africa.

The profound difference between the terms “African American” and “Black American” were discussed, along with the resulting implications that the USA is only now starting to appreciate after the departure of Barack Obama, an actual African American, from the White House.

While the American experience of Black/White relations may well be that of a Master and a Slave whose original culture had been forcibly removed, the South African experience is one of Clashing Civilisations. Unlike Black Americans, Black people in South Africa have no confusion about the culture and origins of their ancestors. When Americans, against this background, project their experience onto South Africa, they make serious errors of interpretation, analysis, and judgment.

The conversation went on to discuss the hopes for both countries centered on the new American President, Mr. Donald Trump.

The entire radio interview may be heard and downloaded HERE.