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The Canary in the Coal Mine

— The book AmaBhulu is a study in the systematic destruction of a civilized country and the tearing asunder of Western Civilization. The country in question is South Africa, also known as “The Second America”, so named by a Royal Navy admiral in 1797. The book takes the reader from the founding of the country to the threshold of collapse today. In it, I state that South Africa is the canary in the coal mine of the West.

The more I watch the news from the United States in recent times, the more it turns into South Africa. The more I watch the Democratic Party in the USA, the more it turns into the ANC party, the corrupt government in power in South Africa. The degree to which the USA is following in the footsteps of South Africa is now bordering on the tiresome.

Recently, I was asked by some folks in the United States what my thoughts were on the events around Charlottesville, statue removals, and the like. The answer is simple, but goes further than just those two events.

Making the country ungovernable

The screaming, swearing, violent Antifa crowds in the United States have learnt well from the ANC in South Africa. The ANC swore they would make South Africa ungovernable, and they did. It led to the tearing down of South Africa and to the country being ostracized from the world in 1986. In South Africa, the ANC used a collection of front organizations and operated a military wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe, to commit terrorism. Their leadership was Communist and still is.

The Democrats are similarly trying to make the USA ungovernable. They are using their “military wing”—Antifa (below), Black Lives Matter, and a bevy of worse miscreants, armed with pipes, clubs, and bottles of urine—to do the dirty work while they sit and pretend to work for the nation. If Americans do not believe that operatives of the Democratic Party are in communication with these organizations, whether directly or otherwise, they are worse than naive.

In Congress, the Democrats do zero useful except oppose every breath of the president. It is 100% resistance on every level, in every aspect, on every forum, in every debate, in any dimension of life…and to hell with their country, it simply does not count. Destroying the president trumps all for them (no pun intended). They have ceased to represent anyone but, in fact, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. I trust the American voters are watching this. Any Democrat still thinking his is the “Party of Kennedy” is haplessly deluded. My message to him is, consider yourself hijacked. It is time to think for yourself, my friend. I have sympathy for you because that can be tough to do.

I have one question for Americans. What on Earth makes you think that the kind of national destruction that happens elsewhere in the world, such as South Africa, will not happen to you? The last ten months in America have proved that you are ripe for it; practically begging for it. And your media, such as CNN and MSNBC are promoting it by giving people like Antifa and Black Lives Matter exposure. It is time that those two media outlets are seen for exactly what they are, promoters of the destruction of the very idea that is the United States.

In their unbridled hatred of president Trump, those channels have become completely blind to their own excesses. It is not just total power that corrupts, total hate also corrupts totally. Both those channels are the living testimony to that fact. The bile they transmit in the name of news is shocking. I have suggested to some American friends that CNN should simply put up a live camera and throw up into it. It would be less trouble, less costly, and be less repulsive. What they transmit is worse than vomit.

The Blame Game

In South Africa, president Zuma himself has suggested that all the problems of South Africa started with the arrival of white people in 1652. Of course, that was before his own Zulu nation even existed in the far east of the country and before the Zulu proceeded in the early 1800s to murder out other nations in the Mfecane, the Crushing. He has made a practice—even a principle—of inciting black people against white people. As a result, more than 3,000 white farmers have been killed, often tortured to death. Meanwhile he loots the country to the shrill ululating of his endless female supporters while he sets the men on the white folks.

In the United States, specifically over the eight years of Obama’s reign, he presided over a process in which white men in particular became political targets. It culminated in open warfare on Police, and the brazen assassination of innocent policemen for which he must shoulder the responsibility. It was he who had heaped the blame on them. It is his Justice Department that had singled them out for persecution. By the time of the Ferguson events (below), the US streets had started looking like South Africa 1986. The only difference is that American audiences were shown South Africa in Black & White video. Americans saw Ferguson in color; otherwise the picture below could have been taken in Soweto outside Johannesburg in 1986.

It was only in Obama’s America that a character like Rachel Dolezal could conceivably emerge; the ultimate example of a white woman with a loathing of all things White and a delusion of being Black.

America must Fall

In March 2015 Black students at University of Cape Town in South Africa started demanding that the statue of arch-Colonialist Cecil John Rhodes be taken down; the so-called Rhodes must Fall drive. They threw human excrement at the statue; always a sign of civilization (end of sarcasm). Various ape species actually do that. This escalated to attacks around the country on statues of anything that looked like a white man. Even the memorial to the horses of the Boer War (below) was attacked and the bronze British soldier watering the horse ripped off the plinth. Heaven knows, I have every reason to hate the British Empire, but why assault a memorial to a horse?

The date was 6 April 2015. Three-hundred-and-sixty-three years before, to the day, the Dutch landed at the Cape of Good Hope. The implication was obvious: anti-white hatred.

By early 2016 this rubbish had spread to Oxford University in Britain at the hand of a Black South African student who thought it more important to attack his host country’s statues than to study. Learning seems unimportant to his culture. Whoever sponsored him should take note.

The Black Student Union at Berkeley in the United States took note and posted their support in 2015.  Soon after, someone sprayed “Black Lives Matter” on the statue of Confederate hero, General Robert E. Lee, in Charlottesville, Virginia.  I have presented lectures at University of Virginia in that town and it is also the alma mater of my mentor. In February 2017, the city council voted to remove the statue, sparking the protest march by people on the Far Right of the spectrum in the last two weeks. And yes, president Trump was quite correct; there was violence on both sides.

In Durham, North Carolina, always a hotbed of matters race, students attacked another Confederate statue, tearing it down (below).  Today they will tear down Robert E. Lee, perhaps tomorrow Thomas Jefferson, next week Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington, and then every statue of anyone who looks Caucasian, just as in South Africa. Welcome to “America must Fall”.

Who exactly is paying for their education? I ask, because in South Africa the anti-statue effort was immediately followed by “#FeesMustFall; a demand by students for free education and a permanent home at university where they can vandalize more things while they do not study.

I have to ask why exactly young Americans are fighting ISIS and the Taliban if they are trying so hard to be like them? Antifa dresses in black like ISIS. When the statues are all gone, are they going to pretend the Civil War did not happen? Are they going to pretend their great-great-grandfathers were not slaves or did not own slaves. And what will the black students do when they find out their own great-great-grandfathers were slave-owners? Then again, we probably should not let reality intrude. Just simply leave it to white people like myself to acknowledge that I have several slaves among my own ancestors, while Mandela and Obama had none.

Do the white students among the rioters truly think spitting on the statues of Confederate soldiers will stop the “America must Fall” effort when it rolls over them? What do they think happened to the deluded young white students who supported the ANC in South Africa in the late 1900s?

Obama’s real legacy

Obama created the climate and circumstance that made these people believe that all this behaviour is appropriate. He made them believe that it is laudable. And he took his guidance very vividly from Nelson Mandela in South Africa, whom he admires. He made these people believe that they had somehow won some sort of war and it was their right to stomp all over the “defeated”, much as the ANC is doing in South Africa. He seemed to studiously learn all the lessons of Black Racism in Africa.

Sometime or other Americans are going to finally understand that Obama was not trying to turn Kenya into America;  he was trying to turn America into Kenya, driven by a memory of his father and British Colonial history in Kenya.  When Obama in that video, shot on his visit to Kenya (below), says his grandfather was detained for his links to a “group that opposed British rule”, one needs to understand he is referring to the savage, bloodthirsty “Mau-Mau. And ignorant little White girlie students at American universities are going to cry in his memory while they hide in their “safe spaces”, cursing at the world, spewing bile at their properly elected president, and crampedly clinging to their morning after” pills, courtesy Obama. This is what he has reduced you to. Be thankful, at least your daughters are  not yet ululating. You’ll know you have lost when that starts…

Maybe Republicans will finally wake up one morning and realise that Obama’s legacy is not really the Affordable Care Act; it is Antifa, Black Lives Matter, a completely politicized FBI, a demoralised police force, a torn down military, a Christianity under threat, a Navy that has crashed four of its own ships so far this year, fighter jets that cannot fly, and a whole body of youth out of touch with reality. And mommy and daddy will have to yank those overgrown babies out of their safe spaces, and force on them the realities of life; that is, if mommy and daddy even know where their kids are.

SO, dear America

If you want to know what’s next, buy an air ticket to South Africa and go and look. It is coming soon to a city near you. Enjoy! Unless, of course, president Trump would like to stop this process at its source, which is South Africa and its ANC inspired anti-white racist culture. That place styles itself the World Headquarters of Everything Anti-White.

If you want to stop the America must Fall effort and not just play Whack-a-mole, then you want to investigate it at its source, the ANC in South Africa. After all, that is from whom Obama drew his inspiration. He, not Donald Trump, inspired what the United States is suffering now. President Trump is merely a useful target for “America must Fall” to rally around.

South Africa held so much promise that many around the world saw it as a potential shining example of what might be. Now it is a hell hole. The United States has actually been the shining example of what might be, and it has been sliding rapidly. Concerned Americans need to understand that there are millions in their country who wish the United States to emulate South Africa’s institutionalized anti-Caucasian culture. It is time Americans understood where they are headed.

And, as I prepared to save this text for publication, a note reached me that Antifa was chanting No Trump! No Wall! No USA at all!. Clearly, “America must Fall” is in the offing.

Harry Booyens