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The Cambridge Four.

— Starting in the 1930s, a club of (at least) four devout British Communists from Cambridge University (below) managed to worm themselves into MI6, the security woodwork of the United States, and even into the Royal family. From here they undermined the security of the West with impunity for decades. They leaked the plans of the US Nuclear effort to the Soviets. They were Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean, and Anthony Blunt. Blunt was a third cousin of the British Queen Mother and took tea with her. Of the four, three eventually fled to the U.S.S.R. Burgess an Maclean fled in 1951; Philby in 1963.

Blunt (below) secretly confessed in 1964 in exchange for immunity. This was revealed more than a decade later by Maggie Thatcher. Philby later explained that they got away with it because they were “members of the British Elite”.

The Liberal Elite

First Question: Where have you recently heard the word “Elite”? could it be in conjunction with the word “Liberal” in the United States. Phliby, Burgess, Blunt, and Maclean were the “Liberals” of their day. They were “untouchable” by the British Law of the day because of being supposedly “Elite”. Why does that smell just like what I see in the United States today with the Clintons being apparently above the law?

Philby was given the Order of Lenin by the U.S.S.R.  That is rather poetic, because Lenin was a newspaperman, and it brings me to the Second Question:

The Media

If these British Communists could stay hidden and operational as Soviet spies for several decades wreaking so much havoc, by what failure of intellect are folks trying to convince me that the Western Media has not been similarly penetrated? I can think of no better way to damage the West today. Witness the Trump Derangement Syndrome that has befallen the Left and the Media in the United States. Who is actually calling the shots in this? And who is actually benefiting? I ask, because it is not the ordinary decent people of the United States.

Again the ordinary folks have to trudge up the treadmill of life while these elite types float effortlessly around the top and undermine the country. In Britain they tended to have their posh hot potato accents and clubs. In the United States they speak all the right words to enthrall the liberals of the two Coasts and little girlies who think that the greatest challenge in life is how to get free birth control pills.

Paranoia or Experience?

I make these points because, way back in the 1970s the South African Government used to harp on Soviet infiltration. We all thought they were a little paranoid and were seeking a Russian spy behind every Karoo bush. They were particularly intense about the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, which they maintained was a training operation for KGB agents.

I should point out that one of the key conspiracies in South Africa indeed involved a farm just west of Victoria West in the desert Karoo, but folks don’t seem to remember key facts from history. That would be like looking for a Soviet spy at a farm outside Caliente in desert Nevada (below- Yes, I took the picture in 1980 on a road trip from Salt Lake City to Yosemite).

Then, one day in the early 1990s, just before the Yeltsin government took over in Russia, we had a formal visitor who was a member of the Post-Soviet Russian parliament. I had to attend to him for the morning up to the lunch. He could speak not a word of English and came with the obligatory interpreter. All through the morning’s proceedings the interpreter and I focused on each other.

When we got close to the formal lunch, I thought it fit to announce diplomatically that I appreciated that Russia was going through a torrid time, but that I wished them every good fortune. I also said that I see the Russian people as one of the key nations of  Western Civilization, and that I believe they would get back on their feet. And then I added in Afrikaans, “After all… ‘n Boer maak ‘n plan” (Eng: A farmer makes a plan”). This is a well known Afrikaans proverb, suggesting “You’ll figure it out”.

My local colleague kicked me in the leg and told me under his breath to “say it in English!”. I did nothing of the sort. I just stared straight at the intepreter, who looked a little like a younger, pinker, and more blonde David Duchovny (The X-files TV series – below). He held his pose for three seconds more, and then folded spectacularly. He went blood red from the collar upward. Then he turned to his boss and translated. The boss burst out laughing and wagged his finger at me.

So I asked the young red-faced interpretor where he had learnt Afrikaans. Came the answer: “Patrice Lumumba University. I studied Dutch and majored in Afrikaans.” So the “paranoid” Old South Africa government had been right all along.

Paranoia? Really? Or is it just experience of the real world.

So, sure, no-no-no-no….not a single suspect in the US media. [End sarcasm]

Really? Are you kidding me? And they want to take on Donald Trump who has been working in the glare of the limelight all his life? This brings me to my thought for the day:

Always remember, Lenin was a newspaperman.

In AmaBhulu I describe more about American Communists and the roles of some of them with respect to South Africa. And the first issue of Lenin’s newspaper, Iskra, reportedly had two references to the struggle of the Afrikaners in the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902. The budding Communists were preoccupied with South Africa even back then.

Harry Booyens