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—In Zimbabwe, Robert Smart returned to his farm last week. Robert Mugabe had him chased off his farm with AK-47s and tear gas six months ago. Last week it was returned to him by Emmerson Mnangagwa, the new leader in Zimbabwe.

Watch CNN to see if they try to report, “Black female farm worker wants to strangle white racist farmer“. HOWEVER, click on the image to see the video of the actual truth.

This must worry the hell out of the ANC and Malema in South Africa; and it SHOULD. Their rhetoric and policies are inciting people to kill white farmers in South Africa. The ANC has just announced its intention to implement the confiscation of white owned farms.

In Zimbabwe a total of twelve white farmers were killed. In South Africa it is now somewhere inexcess of 2,000 white farmers and their people who have been murdered, often tortured to death.

The outcry from CNN is “deafening”. Perhaps we should forgive them, because they are simply too busy tearing down President Trump with repeated lies  than to report on this. I imagine they feel we need to be “understanding”.

As to my own feelings on Zimbabwe: I remember who and what Mnangagwa really is. While the book does not address Mnangawa in person, folks can read in AmaBhulu what happened in Rhodesia.

Harry Booyens