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President Trump and Holes Various

— A few days ago the Liberal American Media went into spasms of shock, and the usual set of spineless Republicans “crawled under their chairs”. Their president was reported by a common classroom snitch called Durbin to have used the word “S***hole” to describe some African countries. This happened in a discussion in which the President felt America needed  immigrants who brought value to the USA rather than problems and demands for permanent support. The senators presenting their plan to him had made no effort to include any of his demands; hence the well-placed explosion.

The President’s position seems entirely reasonable to me. I do not much care about his language; he was elected to be Commander-in-Chief and not Sunday School Teacher-in-chief.

The same media people yet again went into spasms of shock today when they heard that the same president was hale and healthy and had aced a mental cognitive test by his doctor (30 out of 30). The Liberal media has been thinking itself down a hole in the ground.  They have convinced themselves that he is certifiably mad; all this by them standing in a circle vomiting bile and hatred and deigning to call it “news”. They only listen to themsleves—a true sign of madness. They have actually committed the ultimate sin of believing their own BS.

I should like to suggest that every member of the White House Press Corps be subjected to a mental aptitude test before being allowed into the press conferences held at the White House. It might resolve a lot of problems. BUT, let me not waylay myself here. I would like to move to an article by a thinking American; a kind of human that is becoming more and more difficult to find among the “elite” in that country today. The straight thinking is now done by regular folks. I have always felt the nearest farmer is tougher to BS than any professor. I should know; I taught at university.

Enter the Peace Corps

It is against this background that Karin McQuillan wrote an absolutely brilliant piece in the American Thinker, and I should like to share it here.

Please read it, because every South African with a brain will likely scream “Hallelujah; for she has seen!“. She joins one other American I have met who broadly told me the same in 1984 on Flight Pan Am 001 over the Pacific. He had also worked in the Peace Corps in Africa. Sadly, I have had to wait 34 years to hear a second American confess the truth.

Regrettably, it is not possible to get all Americans to go work in the Peace Corps in Africa, otherwise it may have been a simple matter to defend the West and Civilization. Unfortunately we are beset by idiots in high places whose exposure to the world is an American Leftist University Campus, a Safe Space, and a Starbucks coffee spot… and , of course, daddy’s money. At the same time we are beset by a malicious Media with a very suspect agenda and a pathetic track record.

The lady is perfectly right in what she describes, but I think the deeper message in her text is in the following section.

The truths we hold to be Self-evident

The US Declaration of Independence, a document I hold as the highest point of human moral endeavour, a document that speaks to some of the most basic aspects of Western Civilization, has the following key words after the opening line:

We hold these truths to be selfevident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

McQuillan remarks that:

The longer I lived there, the more I understood: it became blindingly obvious that the Senegalese are not the same as us.  The truths we hold to be self-evident are not evident to the Senegalese.  How could they be?  Their reality is totally different.  You can’t understand anything in Senegal using American terms.

Naïveté or Innocence

Folks who live outside North America and Europe do not appreciate how utterly naive these Northern Hemisphere folks are in the matter of the rest of the world. Long gone are the days of Colonies when Englishmen knew what happened in distant places.  Most Americans really think that folks in Africa are just Americans who can’t afford a suit. When they visit as tourists, they don’t really see what is going on. They marvel at the animals and the scenery or the other tourist sites, but they don’t see reality. The people they meet are prepared for them. It is how Amy Biehl ended up being killed in Gugulethu outside Cape Town in 1993. The Peace Corps workers, however, get exposed to reality, and it can be a daunting experience for them. It tears at the fundamentals of their  beliefs.

Here, finally, we have written testimony that there really are at least a handful of Americans who realise the truth. They learnt it the hard way. Folks in South Africa, who have 360 years worth of experience of this, need to comprehend that it is difficult for folks in the Northern Hemisphere to see straight when they look at Africa. It is not stupidity at work; it is innocence. But the folks in North America and Europe, in their turn, need to learn just how high a price is exacted from others, such as white South Africans, for this innocence.

Be not deluded though. There are millions who want White South Africans dead in order to atone for their own guilt about Slavery. They wallow in this guilt as though it is a security blanket. But the beneficiaries of that guilt complex will one day strangle them with that very blanket.

“A Fecalized Environment”

Meanwhile, McQuillan states about her service in Senegal,

That danger was considerable, because it was, in the words of the Peace Corps doctor, ‘a fecalized environment.’

So, Mr. President, next time please refer to Africa as a “Fecalized Environment” and not a “S***hole”. The Peace Corps doctor said so.

And my words to Karin McQuillan?:

Ma’am, Senegal is actually one of the better places in Africa and used to be a serious country in world matters with a much respected leader in Léopold Senghor. Just so’s you know!

Harry Booyens