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Americans Want Their Country Back

— In May of 2016, six months before the US presidential election and even before the primary election cycle was finished, I presented the case for why I thought Mr. Trump would win the election. At the time I wrote the first edition of the article, Senator Cruz and Governor Kasic were still in the race. The first edition, which had taken me a long time to write, appeared on very the day of the fateful Indiana Primary. I faded their pictures for the second edition.

If there was one line in the two articles that summarized the entire situation I was seeing, it was my recorded statement “Americans basically want their country back…” I felt, along with millions of Americans, that Obama had turned their country into an un-American monstrosity. Through my eyes, that monstrosity looked way too much like South Africa, a country admired by Obama. In fact, he is on record that events in the 1980s in South Africa inspired him to enter politics in the USA. That is also when his name mystically reverted from “Barry” to “Barack”. His first ever public address was on the subject of South Africa and he saw South Africa’s Communist leader, Rolihlahla Mandela, as his idol. He had even appointed the ghostwriter for Mandela’s “auto”-biography to his administration. Since the vast bulk of Americans had been wholly misled by their media on the subject of Mandela, I assume I have to forgive them the profound idiocy of electing that man to the Oval Office.

In the very same section of my article I wrote,”I trust Americans will elect a president that will make the leading country of the Free World strong again. I have lost the country of my birth to the kind of forces that lurk in the Obama Administration. I have seen it thereby turned into a hell hole and dangerous laughing stock. I cannot stomach the destruction of Western Civilization one inch further.

Ohio Speaks

After a full year’s worth of mentally deranged bile from the Democratic Party & Mainstream Media Complex, a vividly contrived Collusion Investigation, vain eforts to sketch the president as suffering from dementia, heart failure, or anything that holds hope of getting him removed from office, this bevy of human failures is finally faced with the truth from a collection of Ohio Democrat voters who voted for Mr. Trump.

Listen to the very last second of the video clip. I rest my case.


What makes it so much more fascnating, is that it is the National Bile Channel, CNN, that is conducting the interview. In fact, it is Martin Savidge, who folks will remember from endless nights locked in a Flight Simulator in March 2014 during the disappearance of Flight MH370. The actual missing aircraft is in the image below. Does this portend something for the insane Anti-Trump flight that CNN is on?

At the time, some viewers tweeted “Martin, blink three times if you are being held against your will” and the hashtag #freemartinsavidge appeared on Twitter.

Perhaps it is time that the hashtag #FreeCNNhosts appears, because I simply cannot believe that rational humans—and I must believe people like Wolf Blitzer, John King, and Dana Bash have retained some rational brain function—can maintain a year’s worth of the rank tripe that CNN has been polluting the expensive airwaves with without feeling trapped and hemmed in by unreality.

Harry Booyens