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When a Nation’s Top Law Enforcer is the Crook

— If former Federal Prosecutor Joe di Genova (below) is right, then the USA is indeed now South Africa, and I have every reason to believe he is spot-on 100% correct. His entire presentation (click on the picture) makes perfect sense from beginning to end.

In South Africa, the national FBI (The “Scorpions”) was shut down in 2009 by Parliament when it ended up investigating a large number of Members and associated politicians for crimes various. The final shutdown came in January 2009, after it had clashed with Jackie Selebi, then National Commissioner of Police. BUT, eighteen months later, Selebi, once president of Interpol, WAS indeed found guilty of Corruption, as per the charges earlier brought by the Scorpions and sentenced to 15 years in jail. He died in 2015. He was infamous for his comment,”What’s all the fuss about crime?” – that from the highest ranking policeman!

Come to think of it, that sounds remarkably like “What DIFFERENCE at this point does – it – make?” In South Africa, Selebi had perpetrated a crime; Hillary I’m not sure about. All I know is that the wrong people were prosecuted.

With the South African FBI effectively removed, the way was open for the new State President, Jacob Zuma, to pilfer the state coffers and to give the country away to a family of Indian crooks. They rose to enough power to control cabinet appointments to favour their pockets. The People of South Africa now finally know that this is happening, and they can decide to vote again for the same ANC criminals in Parliament, or for someone else. Unfortunately, South Africa is so far gone, that I have to assume they will simply vote for the same crowd again, sorry to say.

Did Obama turn the United States into South Africa?

The United States styles itself the Leader of the West. It prides itself on its respect for the Rule of Law, its Constitution, its Judicial system, its Electoral system, its Congressional procedures, its Oversight Committees, its Federal Bureau of Investigation, and its Special Prosecutors. However, if Mr Di Genova is correct, the decent People of the United States may want to take a deep breath, because I believe they are about to be shocked to their core. What he says happened at the highest investigative levels under President Obama will likely be revealed in the next few weeks. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, and the New York Times may want to start practicing how to draft letters of apology to President Trump. Alternatively, they may want to apply from scratch for press credentials with the White House (See press briefing below). At the very least, a lot of the bile-spewing faces are going to have to disappear from the TV screen at their studios and editorial offices before all the dust settles.

I say the above because the picture laid out by Mr. Di Genova, as summarized below and filled in by myself in places [in brackets] based on information released this very day and on existing public information, is extremely worrying and it started on Obama’s watch.

The Essence of the Di Genova Picture

    • 1. [On 2 March 2015, the New York Times ran an article reporting Hillary’s use of a personal server for her government work. No human being who has ever handled confidential information, including this author, or anyone who has been the source thereof, as she was and I was, could possibly plead ignorance of the security violation this represented].

    • 2. [The Counterintelligence Office of the FBI got involved in July/August 2015 after the situation was referred to them by the Intelligence Community Inspector General.]

    • 3. When she started making plans to run for office, it would appear parties in her Clinton Campaign, the Democratic National Committee, the Justice Department, and the Counterintelligence Office of the FBI got together to figure out how to get Hillary off the hook on this subject. The solution was a sham investigation to get all of this out of the way before the Nov 8, 2016 Election. As Di Genova puts it, “They followed none of the regular rules, gave her every break in the book, immunized all kinds of people, allowed the destruction of evidence, with no grand jury, no subpoenas, no search warrants. That’s not an investigation. That’s a Potemkin village. It’s a farce.

    • 4. [On 3 May 2016, Trump won the Indiana Republican Primary. At this point there was a fascinating exchange between Peter Strzok of the FBI and his paramour, FBI Attorney Lisa Page]. Work on the “Mid Year Exam” (codename for the Clinton investigation) would have to be speeded up. The team now knew Trump would be the opposition to Clinton.

    • 5. Somewhere over the foregoing period, the decision had been made to tarnish Mr. Trump as candidate. For this, they needed authority to spy on him, and for that they needed a warrant from the unsuspecting Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court. And this is where the really serious crimes started. A contorted financial manoeuvre was then performed to fund Fusion GPS, employer of the wife of one of the alleged Justice Department co-conspirators and conduit to British ex-spy Michael Steele. He was to generate enough bogus information to convince the FISA Court. But the team had not reckoned with two things: (1) the fact that Trump might actually win (!), and (2) the depth of character of Admiral Mike Rogers, head of the much maligned NSA.

    • 6. Rogers had already picked up that the FBI was sharing with “contractors” [some associated with the Clinton Campaign] information on American individuals spied on in the process of targeting foreign individuals. He also knew that the FISA Court requests were being signed by John Carlin of the FBI. He resolved to tell the FISA court about this. Somehow the FBI found out about his intentions, and they beat him to the FISA Court to tell the Court that the information had “accidentally slipped out” to parties who were not supposed to have it. This prompted the FISA court to investigate.

    • 7. And then came the momentous election in which Mr. Trump won, and the wheels came off the conspirators’ plan. They now had only limited time to cover their tracks and implement a plan to destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump. That plan rested on getting a Special Prosecutor appointed to investigate “Collusion” between the Trump Campaign and Russia. [They now had to bridge the time between the election and the appointment of such a Special Prosecutor.] They VERY nearly got away with it.

    • 8. And THIS is where the hero steps up to the plate: Admiral Rogers, realizing that there was now a President Elect, decided on own initiative to go and brief Mr. Trump on the fact that he was being spied on by the FBI. He did so on 17 November 2016.

    • 9. The very next day, 18 November 2016, President Elect Trump moved his whole Transition Team out of Trump Towers and into his Bedminster, New Jersey Golf Club. He also managed to mention to the media that the Obama Administration had “wiretapped” Trump Tower. Everyone thought he was crazy and he was ridiculed in the media. But, according to Di Genova, he spoke the Gospel truth.

    • 10. In response to this, according to Di Genova, James Clapper, Director of National intelligence, and John Brennan, head of the CIA, went to President Obama and demanded that he fire the Admiral, but Obama refused on the grounds that it would tarnish what remained of his Presidency. It is at this point that John Carlin, the man who signed the bogus FISA court requests suddenly resigned and effectively disappeared from view. [By these events one naturally has to wonder about the roles the CIA and DNI played in the effort at undoing the President Elect. We are now talking things that are vastly more scary than the incompetent Watergate break-in and the Nixon tapes.]

    • 11. [Starting 14 December 2016, so claims the FBI this very day, January 22, 2018, text messages between Strzok and Page, source of much clarity concerning the foregoing events, go “very usefully” lost. I elect to quote a Canadian source for this news, just to get it away from the suspect US media]

    • 12. On April 27, 2017, The FISA Court released an Opinion which stated that they had been deceived by the FBI on an ongoing basis. The publicly released version of this document has the names of the individual offenders redacted, but Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, now has the un-redacted version. Hardly anyone took any notice of this crucial document when it was released.

    • 13. On May 17, 2017, with newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions having recused himself from the investigation of the “Collusion”, his Deputy, Rod Rosenstein, appointed as Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller, a close colleague of the fired head of the FBI, James Comey. [This very day it is announced that, as by sheer magic, the text messages between Strzok and Page for the very next day and the period after are NOT missing, as is the case with all those messages over the critical period between 14 December 2016 and the date of Mueller’s appointment. How outrageously ‘useful’!]


I may have been born in Darkest Africa, but I can smell corruption through an air conditioner. And I have not yet dealt with the obvious fact that the previous Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, was clearly part of the whole plot to exonerate Clinton. That became entirely clear from the Strzok/Page texts released today.

I can also explain that I have dealt quite a bit with the US legal process in my work, and the first thing that happens when litigation is filed, or threatened, or an investigation is launched, is that you are advised that all information has to be secured and handed over to a designated officer in your organization. The relevant portions of your PC, phone, discs etc. are then copied. This is part of a process they refer to as “Discovery” by which all your communications become accessible. It is then left to the lawyers of the two sides to negotiate who sees what confidential information. In the US Government Service, it is all secured by default.

Do not anyone try to tell me the FBI with all its massive crowds of attorneys does not know this if I from the “Bush of Africa” know it. The willful destruction or withholding of evidence is a crime in most civilized countries. A herd of people are guilty of at least the very lowest charge, that of Perverting the Course of Justice. At the highest level, if there is Justice, a bunch of people need to land in jail for serious lengths of time. Hillary should be convicted, and then Trump should pardon her in order to heal the nation and let her slither off into the sunset. That is what Ford did for Nixon. He should not divide the nation further.

The United States of America, its Respect for the Rule of Law and its Respect for the Processes of its Democracy are now in the hands of Devin Nunes. Di Genova sees Nunes as the other sterling hero in this sordid tale. He feels the man held his footing through months of personal attacks from the Left. This author’s judgement is still up in the air, because Nunes has not yet released this picture.

The Fallout

I am not an American voter, but I care deeply about what happens in the US. My friends of longest standing are Americans, and events there affect me more deeply than events in Ottawa, Canada. Countries like South Africa, where I was born, are swept about like butterflies in the wake of the 747 of the United States. And, to continue the 747-parallel, the Di Genova analysis looks awfully much as though the 747 is heading for a bad  stall. There is a very… VERY…dizzying ride ahead.

Australia may have some “clear air turbulence” of its own related to the Clinton Foundation. Recall that it was recently “revealed” that the Trump “Russia Collusion” investigation was supposedly triggered by information from “Australian Government Officials” based on revelations by a minor Trump functionary, George Papadopoulos “at a bar”. This to shift the focus from the accusations, at least until then, that the FBI connived with the Clinton campaign.

I’m afraid I really DID warn about this back in October 2016. I was actually quite precise…. and I did refer to the lack of a grand jury surrounding FBI Chief Comey’s exoneration of Hillary Clinton. He did not have the power to exonerate her. I also warned about instability if she lost the election. The plot is just way worse than even I thought at the time. In fact, it seems worse than the events in South Africa. Something is not just “rotten in the state of Denmark“, the “putrefaction is dripping off the walls of its highest institutions“.

Now What?

I confess that I am actually scared. Instability in the United States is seriously bad news for Western Civilization. It will take Leadership, Guts, and Determination to fix this mess. I don’t think Jeff Sessions has what it takes in the least.  He has to go. Matters have gone beyond the point where things can be fixed by playing within the “Queensberry Rules” that he has been trying to follow. The gloves have to come off spectacularly. It calls for an altogether different kind of leadership. Heads need to roll,….many…and quickly. No quarter should be seen to be granted in this matter. I warned in 2016 about the Rule of Law being in danger, and here we now see the problem.

I seriously trust the Criminal Investigation that MUST NOW FOLLOW will also cover the role of the media companies I listed above. Their efforts have been just too closely coordinated for my liking.  I don’t just smell a rat; I think it is an entire lake full of beavers gnawing away at what made America great in the first place. Do not be surprised if this goes back to Whitewater and Vince Foster. (See June/July 1993 in that article). The kind of vermin that infests these “lakes” tends to stick in the undergrowth for many years. President Trump shall have to break up the entire “beaver dam”.

As a new manager I’ve had to clean house and charge people in my management career, and this picture feels uncomfortably familiar.

America is in unchartered waters….. and the waters are deep. And while South Africans have to think about voting for the same crooks again, the decisions lying in wait for the American public later this year are not that much different.

It is amazing how often I have to tell Americans to spend $1500 to go and see South Africa so they can know their future.

Harry Booyens