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—The new South African President has just assumed office. His name is Cyril Ramaphosa (below, with ex-president Zuma on left). That would be the man who ran rings around the hapless FW de Klerk and his pet “Canary” in the negotiations leading up to the 1994 elections. Folks can read all about that in AmaBhulu.

The ordinary White folks of the country convinced themselves that Ramaphosa was some sort of “White Knight” come to their rescue.

Unfortunately, here we now have Ramaphosa’s first move in Parliament and it takes the form of a successful vote to take away the property of White South Africans without compensation. This is theft via democracy. He said he would do that. Pretty much everywhere else in the Civilized World, that would be considered Theft or Larceny; but not in South Africa. Even Zuma did not do that.

The Inevitable Moment has Come

I have been waiting patiently for this inevitable moment, because I knew this would get international attention. Those defending the ANC will now have to show their true colors as the Friends of Thieves and National Socialist Racists; the ruling ANC party being the African NATIONAL Congress and an avowed SOCIALIST party (read the panel on the right in the previous link) with a core of Communists.  They style themselves a Workers’ Party. For those who do not know, the NAZI party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. These supporters will have to defend out-and-out theft by Black People from White people based on skin color.

FOX NEWS finally latches onto the truth

And so it is that FOX NEWS finally picked up the story late last week. Tucker Carlson on his evening show (Click on the image belowto link to the video) treated the subject and asked outspoken but very erudite commentator Mark Steyn for his view on the matter. Mark Steyn, for those who do not know, is a born Canadian who lives in New Hampshire in the United States. 

The Time has Come to Act

With FOX NEWS, and Mark Steyn now aware of at least one truth about South Africa, the time has come for South Africans to stand up and get counted. The iron is hot NOW and it should be struck NOW. I’m doing my best to tell North Americans what is happening in South Africa, but so should South Africans living in that country; and they need to do so in English, please, so folks outside South Africa can understand what they are saying.

In a perfect world, President Trump would speak up and make it clear that this thinly disguised ethnic cleansing has to stop and stop immediately. However, the Left in his own country would howl in delight if he were to align himself with what is obviously right to any reasonable human being; all this because the vile Media in the US has painted South African Whites as the “spawn of Satan” who “should just die”, as I have personally been told to my face in an office of a world leading company in New York. This is why the formal Media in the US does not report on the farm attacks in South Africa; they have already sentenced White South Africans to death on the altar of their own guilty conscience about the slavery practised by their own great-grandfathers. Put differently, they are going to lament their own guilt unto the death of the last white South African.

Lies, damned Lies, and Politics… and ignorance

Readers in South Africa need to know that 99% of Americans have been led to believe that Black people waited on the beach in 1652 when the Dutch landed at the Cape. In reality, Black and White only met overland some 50 years later in 1702  in one small event, and the first clashes over territory happened some 600 miles to the east of Cape Town just on 130 years after the founding of the Cape Settlement. This “The Blacks were there” lie is representative of the mountain of utter rubbish the truth is up against in the United States; and the ANC surfs on a tsunami of this trash.

Another favorite of the media is to quote percentages of land ownership in South Africa. Since folks in faraway North America have no clue of the geography of South Africa and most could not find it on a map, they have no idea what percentage of the country is arable. In fact, they can’t even find their own country on a map. Incredibly, as fate would have it, the silly girl in that link even invokes the name of South Africa.

So, when I ask Americans and Canadians what percentage of the South African Karoo and western desert they would like Black South Africans to own, they just produce a vacant stare. When I ask them whether White farmers should be allowed to own any land in the much higher rainfall Black reserve areas, they come apart.

So, the ignorance is simply overwhelming. It is best exemplified by my learned MSc colleague in New York who asked me whether I knew her friend in Liberia (!) and the wonderfully kind elderly gentleman who told me, “I know South Africa! I was in the Mediterranean in the War!” (WWII). And then there is the young University student here in Canada who recently asked me, “Does Africa have countries?

I trust the above calibrates South Africans in South Africa. They need to “yell, scream, and make noise”…. lots and lots of it. That is all that Americans understand, sorry to say;…. really I am,….. but it is true.

Who stole the land?

I am responding to all this in the one way I know how, and that is to provide evidence of the demarcation of land between White and Black on a basis of the verifiable history of South Africa. That is, I do my best to cut through the politics and the Media Drivel using facts people can check for themselves.

At this point, I have been busy for several weeks on a series of articles under the title Who stole the land? This seeks to provide the detailed verifiable history of the land split between White and Black in South Africa. Up to this point, my focus has been on the old Cape Province, but I aim to add the Free State, Natal and the old Transvaal in due course.

Watch this Blog in the near future for the over-arching post that will serve as the link to the collection of permanent pages on the subject. It will be posted under the subject of AmaBhulu Topics where there is already a collection of articles of historical nature that have bearing on South African Political developments.

—Harry Booyens