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—Today I make available the first five chapters of the series “South Africa: Who stole the Land?. This is all about how people got to be where they are in South Africa. I feel urged by the events in South Africa around the threatened confiscation of the property of white farmers without due compensation.

It has taken me many weeks to put all this together properly and I am only at chapter 5.  However, those five chapters deal with the development of the old Cape Frontier between the Afrikaner on the one hand, and two of the isiXhosa speaking nations, the amaXhosa and abaThembu, on the other. On the map below (click to enlarge), that would be the region along the coast between the broken green line and the right-most brown arrow.

This map plays a big role in the whole saga, so folks may want to memorize it or keep it handy. I say this with non-South Africans in mind. There will be more maps along the way. This particular map shows the immigration of the main groups of  Black Ba’Ntu people into South Africa. The indigenous people were the San Bushmen, and later the Khoekhoe, both drastically different people from the Black people. As late as 1836, a traveller came across a band of San Bushmen in the Southern Free State (the ‘Prairie’ on the map). As late as 1838 folks were still running into San Bushmen in the north of the 11,000 foot Drakensberg Mountains, shown heavily snow-topped on the map. Yes, South Africa gets snow. Port Elizabeth on the South Coast is as far from the Equator as Charleston in the USA.

Australia notices…

The brutality of the Ethnic Cleansing Campaign against white farmers in South Africa is beyond anything the world has seen in modern times. Being a farmer in South Africa is by now surely the single most dangerous occupation on the face of the earth outside war or space; and those occupations that come close do not involve being tortured to death. In a recent case, a Dutch immigrant farmer was tortured over five hours while his wife had to listen to his screams as he was dying. The ANC government dominated Police prefer to call these “robberies gone wrong“…. really!!?  Seriously!!?.

Folks outside South Africa have finally noticed the hell that South African farmers are suffering. This has led the Minister of the Interior of Australia to suggest fast tracking immigration visas for those farmers, because they are struggling with “horrific circumstances”. He also used the opportunity to tell the world just what fantastic immigrants the South Africans are and that they are exactly what his country needs. I had already personally been told that by a Minister in a Canadian Provincial Government who had made a point of wanting to meet me to convey the message. He was talking about South African doctors. In reality, these farmers are exactly what South Africa needs, but the government threatens them daily and the Black politicians chant “Kill the farmers!”

… but the Formal Media is morally challenged

Of course, the Anglophone Formal media of the World is largely trying to tell its readership and viewership that the dead farmers are lying about being killed, which I find an odd concept, to say the least. The BBC is flailing around, effectively suggesting, in my view, that, if 2001 dead farmers is a horrific situation, then just 2000 dead farmers is somehow acceptable. I cannot account for their relativist morality; I was raised differently and value all life. Next time you hear of a family who lost two children, ask them if it would have been OK if they had lost just one. I wonder if this is another “British Thing” or if it is just the BBC that is “morally challenged”. Is that perhaps the correct definition for “liberal?”.

The BBC was not around in the Great Boer War of 1899-1902 in South Africa, otherwise they might have behaved like the New York Times, who suggested at the time that Afrikaner ladies were enjoying tennis in the British Concentration Camps: — What!? You don’t believe me?…really?…then READ! I never knew tennis was so dangerous that it could kill 30,000 people. THAT is the Liberal Anglophone Media for you.

Move along folks! Nothing to see here!

The ANC government is clearly burying the numbers relating to farm murders, and the Formal media is playing along. The government does not allow the Police to report on these murders as a category of crime. They prefer to bury it in the mass of black-on-black violence, because there are ten times as many black people as white in South Africa, the vast majority of them in the east of the country. For my American readers, that would be the tactical equivalent of politically trying to hide any murders of Wyoming or Montana farmers in among the Black-on-Black gun violence statistics of Detroit. Fortunately, the Internet does not allow governments to hide stuff anymore, as the United States has discovered.

A Life and Death story in Ten Parts

I do not wish to steal my own thunder by saying much more here. So I refer the reader to “South Africa: Who stole the Land??“. Perhaps the title should be “A  Story of Life and Death in Ten Parts“.

What is to come

I am currently working on the sixth chapter, which addresses the matter of “who was where and moved where” over the period of the Great Trek up to the Sand River Convention of 1852, when Great Britain acknowledged the independence of the Free State and Transvaal Republics. It will also address the histories of the Black people affected. It may surprise some folks to find out that some Black groups specifically requested to be incorporated into the “white-run” Free State.

I imagine folks will be equally surprised to learn how the Ba’Rolong Tswana and the Afrikaners fought on one side against the Matabele: Black and White comrades-in-arms. How did that happen? Perhaps folks just never thought it odd that there would be Bushveld Tswana people freezing in winter in a patch in the Free State east of Bloemfontein. Folks should ask “WHY?”. Did Media people really never wonder why there was a little patch of the Bophuthatswana Homeland stuck in the middle of the Free State? I guess they were too busy expounding on why the country with the biggest platinum mine in the world was a “dump for Black people dreamt up by racists”. The same can be said for the Transkei coast, which was somehow a “dump” in the 1970s and is now a tourist haven of heavenly beauty. Such is the Media.

Folks will likely be as surprised to hear of the many Zulu warriors and men of mixed descent who fought on Afrikaner side at Blood River. And then there were the Englishmen who fought at the same battle, but I guess we should not let a small thing like facts and truth interfere with the political spin of the ANC and its Communist partnership.  I imagine the knowledge that the Mpande Zulu and the Afrikaners had a joint military campaign against Zulu King Dingane would be simply too much for the Government to process.

Further chapters will consider the European Rape of Africa and the history up to now.

I tell you, history is powerful. That’s why I study it.

The truth will set you free

For now, folks, I give you South Africa: Who stole the Land?.

— Harry Booyens