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— In an article of today’s date in The New American, American contributor Alex Newman extensively quotes the present author in the matter of developments and options in South Africa. The article was precipitated by the announcement of the planned dispossession of white people by the ANC government under the new president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa. A former Secretary-General of the ANC Party, Ramaphosa was effectively Nelson Mandela’s second-in-command and his favorite to succeed him as president. History turned out differently in the intervening years.

Newman (below) has been a steadfast supporter of the basic human rights of Afrikaners and other threatened folks in South Africa

This blog has acknowledged Newman’s efforts on a number of occasions, such as when he reviewed the author’s book  AmaBhulu and also when he referred to it in very positive terms in a late 2017 video interview. He has also covered the views of this author in other articles.

I should like thank him on behalf of all the people of all races in South Africa who are threatened by the brazenly racist rhetoric and actions of the present  ANC government in South Africa.

Thank you, Alex, for being a man with a pen and a conscience; these form a rare combination indeed at the present time.

Harry Booyens