— If one follows the logic of Trevor Noah, White Americans should be jailed if they use the N-word. In a recent show of his, he lectured the audience on South Africa. Of course, this was  based on his supposed “authority” on the subject, given that his father was Swiss and his mother apparently a black Xhosa woman in South Africa. See that here.

The segment of his show is about a white lady in South Africa being sentenced to a three-year jail sentence for a rant at Black policemen during which she used the equally offensive K-word numerous times. The sentence was suspended for one year, leaving her to do two years in jail for her rant. Folks should understand that her car had just been broken into, and the Black South African Police are basically not trusted at all.

“Never punished”

However, the thing is this: at one point in his “explanation” he offers the audience these pearls of wisdom,”White South Africans have never been punished for Apartheid.” He then seeks to explain how this plays into her rant.

Let me make this quite clear to any American reader: By Mr. Noah’s logic, any white American using the N-word in a rant when he or she has been criminally wronged should be jailed for three years, with perhaps one year suspended.

Now having said that, by his logic, this must be done because White Americans have—if I have his line of thinking right—never been punished for Slavery.

I must be imagining things

But hold on a moment!

Is there not an edifice of Black Economic Empowerment legislation that actively, openly, and brazenly punishes white people, causing them to leave the country? Even Black leaders complain about it. Are we not seeing South African White farmers being murdered like flies and tortured to death (see below)? Is it not happening to a degree that caused the Australian government to move towards fast tracking them as regards visas for Australia? Did not the South african Parliament just vote to take away the property of white farmers without compensation? Then add to this the fact that some of the farm attackers appear to be equipped with cell-phone jammers which they got….errr…where exactly? Those are usually items used by government forces. For the technologically challenged, a cell phone jammer looks like THIS. Now look at the farm attack CCTV picture (below) in that link. It took place at Sannieshof, in the Western-Transvaal cattle and maize country.

Tell me that bit again about “no punishment” and particularly about “trusting the police”. Perhaps Mr. Noah is right and I’m just having a really bad dream. One of us is going to wake up at some point.

Asked nicely not to repeat it

All this raises the question, was the South African woman jailed because she was white? Mr. Noah refers to this, but only in that he mentions that Black South Africans have not adopted the K-word into rap songs as Black Americans have.

What Mr. Noah fails to mention to his audience, is that a senior Black South African Defence Force officer said over the same period on Facebook that white people’s eyes and tongues should be stabbed out. Ernst Roets, Deputy CEO of AfriForum, says the lady’s remarks were indeed racist and need to be condemned.

However, the inconsistency being applied in this country regarding minorities has reached the level of absurdity. The reality in South Africa is thus that a white person who insults a black person goes to prison, while a senior officer in the Defence Force who says that white people’s eyes and tongues must be stabbed out is simply asked nicely not to repeat it. In addition, an influential political leader talking about genocide is rewarded with an invitation to join the ruling party.

Just in case you think the officer’s suggestion has no basis or effect, you need to be calibrated on South Africa: Look HERE.

The trouble with the truth

The trouble with the truth is that it can’t find Mr. Noah. His first few sentences in that clip are bluntly wrong. Right now the president of South Africa is trying to take white people’s property away and the whole world has heard it. Where has Mr. Noah been the last month?

His comment about “clean slate” is an insult to the intelligence of a three-year-old. At this point, the government has already blamed white people for everything they themselves have screwed up and they complain that the problems of South Africa started when White people arrived. Members of parliament run around openly threatening white people with slaughter.

The reality of South Africa is one click and two words away on your keyboard. You merely need to WANT to find it.

A Bloody Reality, not Comedy

So, I’ll help: Go to Google Images; NOT Google….. I said Google Images.(click on that link). Put in there “farm attacks” and hit “Enter”.

I do not want to post those pictures here. But that is what folks are dealing with and the Police are not helping them. So, spare a thought for the racist ranting lady. Maybe now you understand. She was really wrong to do that….. but two years in jail, while the military officer is rapped over the knuckles?

Until you look at those pictures, people like Mr. Noah will have you believe that the “government is moving forward” and all the folks in the pictures are still living the kind of Nirvana he sketches in that segment of his. I prefer to trust the reader and his or her ability to use a keyboard.

This is not a late night show; this is not comedy; this is reality

…. it is bloody reality…. very bloody indeed.

If you want the real background on what is happening in South Africa, you can always get AmaBhulu.

If, on the other hand, you want comedy, you can always listen to Trevor Noah, but preferably not to his warped ideas about South Africa. These things may be a joke in America, it is not in South Africa.

Does he make Holocaust jokes, by any chance?

Harry Booyens