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Democracy means Theft

—At least, that appears to be true in South Africa. The Western World patted itself on the back until it veritably “glowed in the dark” because it ground South Africa into the dirt until it submitted to “One Man One Vote” irrespective of any reality. Reality has now set in, and everyone now knows that the Black ANC-dominated South African parliament has voted for the property of white citizens to be expropriated without compensation by the State. That state is wholly under the control of Black people, and they are very clear about what they want. If the reader does not want to believe me, he or she can hear it HERE first hand. Those who have read AmaBhulu will understand what is going on.

Farm Attacks and Farm Murders

The ANC government, the Economic Freedom Fighters Party, and the Black First Land First (BLF) organization are all targeting white farmers. They passionately scream that White farmers must be driven off their farms because they have supposedly “stolen the land” or own a disproportionate fraction of land in the country.

In the process, the government airs numbers that have no relation to reality. The international media sheepishly and unquestioningly echoes these numbers. Normally that would not be a problem, but, because there are white South Africans involved, the generally left-leaning media of the Western World simply accepts what the Communist-dominated ANC has to say. In short, if there is a white man in the picture, he must be the bad guy in the eyes of the media. And you, dear reader, had better also not argue with the media, otherwise they will lambast you and call you a “racist”. And you, unless you have a spine, will crawl under your bed.  All in all, if you are intelligent enough, you’ll realize it means you are onto something. Surely you understand that. If you don’t, then don’t bother reading further, because you are already lost.

The ANC government would have you believe that Julius Malema’s screams of “Kill the farmer! Kill the Boer” have nothing to do with the fact that white farmers are being physically attacked, tortured, and murdered in the most horrendous ways imaginable. At this time there are of the order of two attacks on SA farms per day and two murders per week. The graphic below gives some concept of the scope of the problem in teh first half of 2017.

For the ordinary reader to get some idea of what these farmers are facing, I invite him or her to go to Google Images  (not Google) and simply enter the words “Farm attacks” or “farm murder”. Chances are 95% that clicking on the images will take you to a South African farm attack and associated murder. In fact, you can even omit the quotes. You do not even have to add “South Africa”, because the subject is synonymous with that tortured country and the fate of white people.

I mention this so that the reader can understand the very direct relationship between brazenly racist Black politicians calling for the government to steal the land of white farmers, and the deaths of those very same farmers. All they have to suggest is that “whites have stolen the land of the forefathers” and the killings will follow. In fact, the uneducated followers have no clue where the “land of the forefathers” supposedly was — the politicians certainly don’t seem to!

For reasons the intelligent reader would immediately demand to be clarified, the Government drowns itself in race-based statistics in order to conjure up reasons to steal from white people based on skin colour….. until the question of farm murders is aired, in which case they instruct the police not to report by race or to separate farm murders out as a type of crime.

Now why would someone so obsessed with race be trying to drown behind the Black murder statistics the murder rate of the roughly 35,000 farmers, pray tell? It really does not take a genius to figure that out. The Government suggests that it is because they do not attach different values to the lives of people of different skin color and that they do not want to make its seem as though white lives are more important.

Yeah right! Apparently they attach different values to the Human Rights of those folks. By this very transparent little manipulation, obvious to a five-year old,  they seek to hide the world’s most extreme community PERCENTAGE MURDER RATE behind the number of murders among the ten times more numerous Blacks in the country. In American terms, it is the equivalent of trying to hide the murder rate of white Wyoming farmers among the Black-on-Black gun murders in Detroit. So, in the ANC’s world, everything should be proportionate to the number of people of any race– such as jobs, houses, land, etcetera–, but the murders of White people  apparently do NOT qualify for that principle. The ANC suggests that this is to not be considered more serious than Black murders. Dear reader, please tell me you are more intelligent than to be misled by this abject eyewash. They want the murders of farmers to be disproportionately high so that they will flee their farms. It is that simple.

There are a few questions that any reasonable person would ask, yet they are typically NOT asked. So let me pose them where everyone can see them:

Question 1:

Why steal from one of the smallest economic sectors?

The Answer?: Because the farmers are white.

According to the CIA Factbook, the Agricultural sector of South Africa represents 2.8% of the National GDP. If this Legalised Land Theft and Farm Murder effort is aimed at Black people getting richer, then why steal from just 2.8% of the GDP? Why kill the people who run such a small sector? And why are there so many farm attacks in which hardly anything is actually stolen? And why is it necessary to torture farmers to death instead of mercifully executing them.

Since the aspirant black landowners cannot eat the land itself, have near zero ability to farm it commercially, and mostly just simply ruin the agriculture once they own that land, why the preoccupation with white men owning the land? Why not complain about white men owning cars, or rental homes, or hotels, or anything else on the entire rest of the “Monopoly(TM) Playboard” of the country. After all, the game of Monopoly(TM) does not even have a square for “farming estate” on its board. See for yourself. It is not economically significant enough. But it does put the food on the table for everyone. And most of that food is eaten by Black people.

Question 2:

Why focus on stealing one fifth of the land?

The Answer?: Because it is the fraction the white farmers have.

The ANC government’s own 2017 report states that individual white farmers (the people being murdered and threatened with expropriation) own 26.8 million hectares ( See page 08 of that report). The CIA World Factbook gives the surface area of South Africa as being 122 million hectares. That means the white farmers own only 21.8% of the surface area. That is around a fifth of the surface area of the country.

Most of the surface area that white farmers own actually looks like the following image, being a picture of the Southern Karoo just outside the little village of Prince Albert in the Western Cape province? My own father grew up on a farm nearby. 

I guess CNN never told you it looked like that, eh? The good folks from Southern Arizona and Southern Nevada would feel at home there, don’t you think? Yet these much maligned farmers have found a way to make that land agriculturally useful. They sank boreholes and put up wind pumps and figured out that one could practice animal husbandry based on merino sheep and, where it is even drier, Karakul, or on mohair goats. The farms are huge because the carrying capacity of that land is abysmally low. According to the Elsenburg agricultural scientists, a single ewe requires a grazing patch of 8 hectares (roughly 200 yards by 400 yards) of the Central Karoo in the dry west of the country; and the farmers run their mohair goats on drier land than that.

The large farms in the west certainly help the ANC government stack the numbers, eh? “See how much land the white farmers have!…monsters…racists! etc . etc.” How about the aspirant Black farmers rush over there and show us how they make it a success? C’mon, I triple dare them. They would not just fail; they would likely die out there.

What no one tells you, is that there have never in history really been black people there, because their indigenous culture was based on milk and milk-derivatives. For that, one needs cows, and for cows one needs long grass. And that typically requires more than 350mm (around 14 inches) of summer rainfall. That only falls east of a line that runs roughly through Port Elizabeth on the South Coast and Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Go there and see for yourself. Meanwhile, the map below shows the line (click to enlarge).

Now why would the ANC government tell you this if it damages their propaganda? You have to do homework to find that out, see? They’re not going to help you find the truth. They are counting on keeping Americans, in particular, ignorant. The following map shows the line mentioned above. It is from my series, Who stole the Land?

If one removes from contention the two provinces where there have always been for the above reason very few Black people, the Northern Cape and Western Cape,  then the surface area that remains according to the government’s own report is 71.8 million hectares. In the remaining area white farmers own 12.5 million hectares of that 71.8 million. That is 17.4%. And yes, the two provinces fall largely west of the line described above. Only the far northeastern corner of the Northern Cape Province historically (as  in “during the early 1800s”) had Black Ba’Tswana people.

One can also remove the Free State Province (Freezing Winter Prairie) from contention, because it never had major Black homeland territories and never was populated by major segments of Black population, but the b\Black Ba’Sotho people are now the majority. After all, how many National Geographic pictures do you remember of half-naked Black people standing in snow in Africa?

So, if we remove the Free State, the remaining territory is 58.8 million hectares (around half of the country) of which white farmers own 8.7 million hectares. This is just 14.8%. One could similarly, and with very good justification, remove the western segment of the Eastern Cape province, in which case the numbers drop even further. That 350mm rainfall line runs right through that province.

Question 3:

Why not give Black people land from the remaining 78.2%?

The Answer: Because that would not hurt the white farmers, and driving white farmers off the land is what this is about.

In fact, that percentage is 85.2% if one excludes the Northern Cape, Western Cape and Free State, as done above. So why this preoccupation with the particular little slice of land owned by individual white farmers? Because they are white, that’s why! Where I come from, that is called R-A-C-I-S-M. I guess the Western media considers it normal, because they do not address it.

So, maybe we should investigate why the ANC government is trying so exceptionally hard to make the world focus on just 14.8-21.8% of the surface of South Africa owned by individual white farmers. Could it be that they are hiding something? Now why would I be thinking that? Let us see……

Question 4:

How much land is controlled by the ANC Government?

The Answer?: The government controls 22.4 million hectares and the white farmers merely 8.7 million hectares in the Contested Provinces in the Northeast of the Country, the part of the country that historically had Black people.

We are fortunate that the Afriforum organization has done an excellent job of analyzing all these land matters in detail; excruciating detail, in fact. They use a total surface area of 122.9 million hectares for the country. This shifts all the above percentages down by around 0.8%. We can all live with that small discrepancy, because it does not change any argument. Their detailed numbers show that the ANC government controls 24.03% of the land surface area of the country (See Table 10 of the document). That amounts to 29.5 million hectares. The vast majority of the old Black Homeland surface owned by the government falls in the group of provinces that excludes the Northern Cape, Western Cape, and Free State. We shall call those remaining provinces the “Contested Provinces”.

We can limit the consideration to the Contested Provinces. In those provinces, the individual white farmers, as we have seen, own 8.7 million hectares. The government, on the other hand, owns 22.4 million hectares in the same provinces (the same Table 10 applies).

Let us be reasonable and subtract from the government’s figure those areas that are protected, because no one on earth wants to see the Kruger National Park dragged into this debate. When we remove protected areas from the government figure, it becomes 19.7 million hectares (Table 10 yet again).

The following map taken from the Afriforum report, with provincial borders overlaid, shows where these government-owned lands actually are.

So, why exactly steal the 8.7 million hectares owned by individual white farmers in the Contested Provinces, when the government has practically 20 million hectares available in those areas.

But wait! The government does not just want to steal THAT land! They want the right to nationalize ALL LAND. That is in keeping with the African Tribal Culture, in which the land is collectively owned and the chief doles it out at a whim. Where have we heard that concept before?…Oh yes! From the Russians and the Chinese. They called it Communism and we all know what THAT did, don’t we? The Cubans are still stuck with it. Much good that has done them.

Question 5:

Then why is no one shouting “Kill the Blacks!“?

The Answer?: Because they are not white and the ANC wants white people out of the country. Ramaphosa used land seizure without compensation this year in order to get made president by the ANC.

The obvious question is, why are these politicians and their minions targeting the white farmers?  Why is it that they are not instead screaming “Kill the ANC! Kill the amaXhosa (Mandela’s people)! Kill the amaZulu (Jacob Zuma’s people)! Kill the amaSwazi! Kill the amaShangaan! Kill the Ba’Tswana! Kill the Ba’Sotho! Kill the Ba’Venda (president Cyril Ramaphosa’s people)!” OR, most particularly “Kill the Ba’Pedi!“, Julius Malema’s people? It is he (below) who was in court for shouting “Kill the farmers!“. After all, the land controlled by the government includes most of the surface area of the old “Apartheid” homelands for exactly those individual nations. These people are all collectively known in Africa as the Ba’Ntu ethnic group, all the way up into Central Africa. No one is shouting “Kill the Blacks! Kill the Ba’Ntu!“. Why exactly is that, considering they have so much land?

In terms of the numbers above, those attacking the farmers have at least 19.7/8.7×100=226%, or more than twice as much justification in attacking the government and its largely Ba’Ntu supporters. For every hectare owned by a white farmer in the contested northeast of the country, the government controls 2.26 hectares which they could give to those who scream “Kill the farmer! Kill the Whites!“.

The answer is that these people are brazenly racist and want white people, who have been in South Africa since the 1650s, out of the country. They have no legitimate basis on which to do that, so they are banging this hollow drum about land ownership and supposed disproportionate ownership. And they are taking you, the reader, for a fool.

Question 6:

Can White farmers buy land in those Homeland areas?

The Answer: NO! It is only for Black people. Go figure!

Pray tell, how exactly is this not racist? If the argument is that the particular nations have lived there for a long time, then the farmers’ argument is that they have lived in their own farming area for a long time also. In fact, the Shangaan people (protected by the Gazankulu homeland) arrived in South Africa in 1860 AFTER the white people settled in around 1840 in the far northern Transvaal in what is now the Limpopo province.

So, if you are Black, you are safe as regards your land. But, if you are white, you are not, simply because your skin is white.

Question 7:

What do these tribal lands look like?

While we’re about it, we should perhaps check into what these tribal lands actually look like. The Western Media told ignorant Europeans and Americans for decades that these were desolate dusty dumping grounds for Black people  being “evicted” by “nasty racist” white people. Hopefully the following picture, when contrasted with the picture near the top of this article, will tell the reader the actual truth. It shows the Transkei Homeland of Mandela’s amaXhosa people. Whites cannot buy that land. Pretty wet, eh? Now see the picture of Prince Albert again near the top of the article. I personally took both pictures; the one below at the height of apartheid in the 1970s, when the area was the supposed “dumping ground”. It also shows the reader what is meant by “Subsistence Farming”, a concept that most Americans simply seem not to comprehend — planting just for family consumption. This is it; take a good look. In reality, they mainly rely on the cows that are not in the picture.

How about the homeland area for the Lobedu tribe in the old Eastern Transvaal, shown below. It is in what is now the Limpopo province. This is the kingdom of the Rain Queen— the Modjadji. The British author, H. Rider Haggard, wrote his novel series “She”, supposedly inspired by her in the late 1800s. Wet country, eh? Shall we discuss the carrying capacity of THOSE two areas. What say you?

Is it not amazing how these “desolate dumping grounds” have mysteriously morphed into the playing grounds of the rich and the favoured destinations of the eco-tourists? How about you just go to Google Images and enter “Wild Coast”. Most of those pictures are from the South African Wild Coast, the coast of the primary “desolate dumping ground”. May I suggest another look at the picture near Prince Albert; the one near the top of this article …. the one that shows what the bulk of the white farming territory in the West looks like?

Question 8:

What happens if farmland is given to black communities?

The Answer: It is sterilized economically, but that has little to do with skin colour.

The evidence for the consequences of land transfer is so overwhelmingly clear that it can be seen from space!! For this, we turn to Google Maps.

In THIS Google Maps satellite map (also shown labeled below) one sees the Kingdom of Lesotho, a wholly Black run country surrounded by South Africa. Lesotho got its independence from Britain in 1966. It was never run by white people and was not part of South Africa. It has been a separate country since the mid 1800s and has always been run by the indigenous Sotho people or Ba’Sotho. Today, however, most Sotho people live in South Africa (go figure!). In American terms, the “Mexicans have taken over Southern Arizona and Nevada despite having their own country.” Same story; different players.

Take a good look. That is in fact the western border of Lesotho that is demarcated by so much land abuse and destruction on the Lesotho side that the degradation is literally visible from space. In the north, the border is mostly formed by the Caledon River, a tributary of the Orange River. It is from space that the damage becomes evident.

To the south and southwest, a section of the abuse extends into South Africa in the vicinity of Sterkspruit, immediately south of the Orange River. That piece of land used to be part of the Transkei Homeland of the amaXhosa people. So, this destruction, abuse, and neglect is not unique to the Sotho people or any skin colour.  It is a consequence of the subsistence lifestyle of the indigenous Black people, the overgrazing, the lack of land management, and the ever-present all-consuming goats. It is not that the people are bad or stupid; it is just that their concept of land is that it is something one uses for subsistence. Most of them do not actually farm as any Westerner would understand the term! It is not done with the aim of selling anything. Lesotho is actually more of a positive exception in this regard, but the land is marginal and they don’t manage it well enough. And so it succumbs.

Basically, if these folks touch marginal agricultural land, it turns into barren earth. What the cattle don’t consume, the goats strip away (they’ll climb a tree to do that), and then the people burn what is left of any trees as firewood. And then they say they are living in a desert dumping ground and White people are to blame. And then “bleeding heart” Americans and Canadians keel over and send money. How cute! How nice! …..and how ridiculous!

Zebediela in the Limpopo province was the poster child of Land Transfer.  As THIS article points out, 80% of all these “land restitution” deals fail miserably. In fact, Zebediela was once the largest citrus farm in the world. The Black community to whom it was given ran it into the ground.

Welcome to Africa! Now please go think again about all this. After reading this you cannot plead ignorance.

And the Position of Reputable Organizations?

The respected Institute for Race Relations in South Africa has been scathing about the infamous government report used as basis for the Land Grab; its inaccuracies, its brazen slant, and its obfuscation. They have also pointed out the massive transfer of land that has already taken place from white farmers to the gvernment. Their surveys have shown that only a tiny minority of Black people consider the matter of land important and that jobs are the burning issue. We shall address the IRR reports in more detail in a later article, because they are worthy of more attention.

And the Formal Western Media?

Perhaps you prefer to believe CNN as your source of news about South Africa in 2018. Read the text in the linked article about land expropriation without compensation. You will find it under “Challenges facing Ramaphosa“. Then wait for Christiana Amanpour, a person I used to have respect for, to ask the new president about this in the video, given it was actually his election platform! You are way more likely to see a scene where she licks his feet. Don’t tell me you expected the actual news from CNN after what happened between them and President Trump. But she does find time to lambast the US president, the only reason CNN still seems to exist. Somehow, talking to the man who became president of South Africa on the basis of a ticket promising the theft of land from white people does NOT prompt her to ask about that. How exactly is that journalism?

THAT is the US formal media for you. You cannot trust them to report the present weather outside your window, let alone matters of life and death. Americans are better off getting rid of their Cable service.

And the United States Government?

It is time for the United States Congress and the President of the United States to take notice of this intense situation in South Africa. They were outraged by Black people dying in South Africa in 1960. They slapped comprehensive sanctions on the country in the 1980s for much less; this against the wishes of President Reagan who actually knew what was truthfully happening. Where exactly are they now? This is a matter of Foreign Affairs, and President Trump has primary jurisdiction in that domain. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo needs to be made aware of this situation and financial sanctions need to be brought against the individuals in South Africa who perpetuate this outrage against humanity.

Here is what needs to happen.

I do not want South Africa to be hurt economically, and I do not want ordinary South Africans of any colour to suffer, but the international finances and accounts of the perpetrators of this outrage should be seized and international travel bans slapped on them, just as the US has done with certain Russians and Iranians. US companies should be kept from doing any business with them. It is time for the ANC and EFF to feel pain for their actions. Nowhere else on earth do people scream from a political platform that others should be murdered on the basis of skin color. Why is it acceptable for Black people and politicians in South Africa to sing excitedly about killing White people while the White Christian farmers are being murdered and tortured to death? President Trump has already said that South Africa is “a total —and very dangerous—mess. So, he cannot plead ignorance. Surely, by now the CIA must be telling him the truth about the place during one of his daily briefings.

And the White South African Farmers themselves?

They are exactly where they need to be in Africa. Like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in this scene from Blood Diamond, they are of Africa, the soil of Africa is in their blood, and their blood is in the African soil. But like his character, they are being killed even as they are securing the future of Africa.

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—Harry Booyens