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As promised in the previous blogpost, this author was interviewed by Erin Ryan and Bill Cundiff of WeThePeopleRadio today. This was the second part of a three-hour show, the previous post covering the first of the three hours.  Today’s show focused on the situation in present day South Africa where the ANC Government is attempting to expropriate the land of white farmers without compensation. Along with this, these farmers are under all out attack by gangs who murder them, often torturing them to death. The farmers are convinced to that the government is siccing the attackers on them. When that same government seeks to take their land, it is obvious that any reasonable human will connect the two issues.

Meanwhile, the government is openly misleading the Western Media about the land ownership to try and build a case against the farmers. In this show, we address these issues and use the South African government’s and the CIA’s numbers to show up the manipulation of facts by the South African ANC Government. The ANC  was originally trained by the Soviet Union and are in alliance with the South African Communist Party.

Listen to the whole 2-hour show HERE.

The First hour ( from last Sunday) is HERE.