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—Erin Ryan and Bill Cundiff are a superb Northern Californian couple who present WethePeopleRadio every Sunday; a two hour slot on Radio in the United States.  They transmit from Redding, California. They address topical issues of concern to those who care about the future of the United States and who prefer their news to actually be news, as opposed to the endless bile and retracted statements from CNN and the like. Even my Democrat friends have had quite enough of the incessant hate being spewed by CNN. Erin is also a District Representative for a US Congressman.

Given that President Trump has already correctly described South africa as a very dangerous mess, it seemed appropriate to share the truth of the present South African hell for white folks with Americans on Radio.

And so it is that the couple interviewed the present author three Sundays in a row. The three interviews may be heard at the following three links:(click on the headings)

1. Sunday 27 May, 2018 (one hour)

— The emphasis was on the history of South Africa and the misconceptions that Americans in particular have on the subject of South Africa. Americans in general do not realise that (1) White folks have been in South Africa since 1652; that (2) the Black people at that point were 700 miles away; that (3) no White people from anywhere ever enslaved indigenous Black people in South Africa; and that (4) it is in fact the White people who have slave ancestors. These simple basic points are invariably a subject of amazement to Americans. The related misconceptions lie at the root of their attitude toward White people in South Africa. The uncanny parallels between the United States and South Africa were explored, as were some of the wrong parallels that have cuased much trouble.

2. Sunday 3 June, 2018 (two hours)

— The emphasis was on the the scourge of farm murders and associated torture and terror in South Africa. This author got the hosts to log onto various independent sites on the internet to see the facts for themselves. The listeners could do so as well. This served as backdrop to a discussion of State President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Land Expropriation without Compensation policy. The patent lies dished up to an indulgent West by the ANC government were discussed.

3. Sunday 10 June, 2018 (one hour)

— The emphasis was the infamous Black Economic Empowerment Act, which should more properly be named the White Economic Destruction Act. The author turns to articles in the Economist and open letters to Ministers by senior players in the South African business environment. The four phases of South Africa’s post-apartheid quarter century are discussed in terms Americans will relate to.

— Harry Booyens