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— Julius Malema (below), the brazenly Anti-White Racist leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters Party in South Africa accidentally spoke the truth recently. He does not usually make that mistake. He can generally be relied on to lie like a rat about  pretty much anything he tries to address. The golden thread is always his weird idea that White people could only have been successful because they stole something from him. The matter usually centres rapidly on land, because he would like to drive white people out of South Africa to get the grass-roots black racist vote.

Folks not from South Africa should understand that he is a Pedi. That is a nation that lives in the far northern part of South Africa, many miles north of Pretoria near Pietersburg and Potgietersrust.

In reality, the White Afrikaners were living, farming and dying north of the Orange River in 1834, before anyone in Civilization even knew of the existence of Malema’s people far to the north. even today, their Sepedi language is the major language only in that particular patch of the country, as may be seen in the map below.

In view of this, it might be better if Malema just simply shut up until he did his homework. But, he is a classic rabble-rouser and is successful at rousing idiots who do not have the intellect to check anything or reason about anything. He simply gathers people who want what they see, and they are not always even sure WHY they want it, but if a White person has it, they somehow have to have it…. even if they have no clue what to do with it. So this is textbook brazen unadulterated Black Racism.

“We are all Makwere-kwere”

It is with some considerable glee that I’d like to thank him in this post for speaking the truth for once in his life. I’m pretty sure he did not mean to do it. I’m pretty sure he was just trying to rustle up a few more idiot followers from among the millions of Black immigrants to South Africa by setting them on White people. Nevertheless, he spoke the truth…. at least in part. And then lied about the Khoi and San people “welcoming” the Black invaders who actually murdered them like flies.

HERE is his profound mistake… the accidental truth.

Be assured, the Black people have always hunted the San Bushmen like wild animals. In Angola they did so even in 1974-5 when the Portuguese packed up and left. That is why the San sought shelter with the South African Army. You don’t have to believe me. Go ask the few scattered remnants of the Alpha group who used to be at Omega Base in the Caprivi strip in Namibia. That was where I originally personally met them.

Welcome Julius! Now hand over your property and leave

So, now that he has confessed that he has no more right in South Africa than any white person, I just want to say, “Welcome, Julius……. what does it feel like?

Please DO NOTE that I’d like to have your property expropriated without compensation because you have just confessed that you stole it from the people who originally lived in South Africa. Like you* I’m also “not calling for the slaughter of you and the other Makwere-kwere…..at least not yet.

How does THAT sit on your soul, Julius, ……. my friend? What does it feel like having your own hated words quoted at yourself?

Harry Booyens

* Malema infamously stated to a crowd that he was “not calling for the slaughter of Whites…. at least not yet.”